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Stackyard News Jun 05

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Diversity still the spice of life - Cereals 2005


Biofuels Are Important Part Of The Mix

The Tenant Farmers Association will be using its presence at this years Cereals Event to highlight the importance of biofuels in future farm planning.

The TFA is extremely pleased that its South East Regional Chairman, Andrew Martin, has obtained funding to develop an action plan for the expansion of biofuels production in the United Kingdom. The funding came from the South East Farming and Rural Issues Group.

"There has been much said and written about biofuels over the last ten to fifteen years, but it is a technology which has now come of age. The political, environmental and economic indicators all point towards the fact that biofuels will make a significant contribution to our fuel needs into the medium and long term. Arable farmers should be thinking very carefully about how they should respond to the demand that has been created", said Andrew Martin.

The TFA is advising its members to use this years Cereals Event to discuss the opportunities available with the many firms who will be exhibiting at Cereals who have an interest in the production, distribution and use of biofuels.

"There are many companies already in the market place and others emerging every day with an interest in biofuels. These firms will be anxious to sign up supply arrangements with producers. However, my advice is for farmers to think carefully before signing up to any binding commitments because a supply contract is not the only way to enter the biofuel market. There is a lot of choice and it is important that producers do their homework before committing themselves", said Andrew Martin.

"I appreciate that it will not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who are looking for new markets and new opportunities, biofuels must be a serious consideration", said Andrew Martin.

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