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Dairy Goat Farms, Herds and Studs

Stackyard Links to on-line Dairy Goat Farms, Herds and Studs around the world. Nubian, LaMancha, Myotonic Fainting goats, Saanen and Pygmy goats.

Colorado Barnyard Buddies
Barnyard Buddies
Breeding, raising and selling miniature Myotonic Fainting goats in Loveland, Colorado. Myotonic goats are a very rare species and have been placed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's Watch List.

North Carolina Merrywood Farm
Merrywood Farm
A small family farm in Corapeake, NC., raising registered and non-registered dairy goats for milk and as pets. Members of ADGA, AGS and MDGA.

Nebraska Absent Jack Acres
Absent Jack Acres
Raising quality non-regisitered Pygmy Goats, Navajo Churra sheep, Scottish Highland Cattle and free range African Guinea Fowl located in Central Nebraska since 2002.

texas Lynchs Itty Bitty Ranch
Lynchs Itty Bitty Ranch
Raising Nubian and LaMancha Dairy Goats for milk production and conformations. We are located just outside Texarkana, TX. We also have All Natural Goat Milk Soaps.

Idaho Hearts~N~Hooves Dairy Goats
Hearts~N~Hooves Dairy Goats
Breeder of Nigerian Dwarf goats and Nubian Goats in Maryland, roughly 1 hour south of Dover, Delaware. For milk, pets and show.

west virginia Fainting Hills
Fainting Hills
Fainting Hills is a small 20 acre farm in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains raising doubled registered Myotonic (fainting) goats.

united kingdom goat genetics
Goat Genetics
Semen available for export and commercial AI from a selection of top-class British breeds. All high health status and from milk-recorded stock. Embryos to order, implanted overseas if required. Goat AI equipment and liquid nitrogen tanks available for inseminators.

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