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Goat Breeders Associations and Societies

Stackyard Links to on-line meat, dairy and mohair goat breeders societies and associations around the world.

UK English Goat Breeders Association
English Goat Breeders Association
The English Goat is a specific breed of goat that was once common in the UK but was in danger of being lost for ever due to cross breeding with other imported breeds. The Association was originally formed from a group of enthusiasts who felt that the gene pool should be preserved.

australia Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia
Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia
The MGBA is the largest Miniature Goat Association in Australia. Proudly working with the Australian Miniature Goat Registry (AMGR), who operates nation wide, with the most up-to date records of Mini Goats available. Most of the founding breeders in Australia are members of the MGBA which allows top support and guidance for people interested in the Australian Miniature Goat for pets or breeding.

usa abga
American Boer Goat Association
The South African Boer Goat is a recognized breed in its country of origin, and many experts throughout the world consider this to be the premier goat meat producing breed.

canada Canadian Meat Goat Association
Canadian Meat Goat Association
The Canadian Meat Goat Association supports the development of a profitable Goat Breeding Stock & meat industry in Canada by providing animal registration, member education & industry promotion for the membership & by partnering in research & market expansion.

usa American Kiko Goat Association
American Kiko Goat Association
The American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA), a non-profit association, is the official registry of Kiko breeders and owners in North America, and the only Kiko organization able to trace ancestry to the original New Zealand goats imported into the United States.

Boer Goats - South Africa
Boer Goats - South Africa
Boer Goats in South Africa are widely recognised to be the yardstick against which goats across the world are measured, where the very best genetics in the world are sourced and where breed standards are determined.

Globe sable
International Sable Breeder's Association
The ISBA was organized to promote the Sable dairy goat, and is working to get Sables recognized as a breed by the American Dairy Goat Association.

Australia http://www.australianboergoat.com.au/
Boer Goat Breeders' Association of Australia
The BGBAA represents the entire Boer industry across Australia and has been modified and developed since October 1994 to satisfy the needs of the Boer and goat meat industry.

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