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African Boer Goats - Breeders and Genetics

Stackyard Links to on-line African Boer Goat breeders, meat goat farms and genetics suppliers around the world.

usa Giant Stride Farm
Giant Stride Farm
Canadian goat ranchers who’ve been in the business of raising goats since 1990, focusing on developing a line of purebred colored Boer goats – particularly blacks. The purebreds are registered with the Canadian Boer Goat Assoc.

australia Trigfry Goat Stud
Trigfry Goat Stud
Trigfry Goat Stud is a small, long established goat stud at Mudgee in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. They breed Saanen goats, Anglo Nubian goats, Boer Goats and Miniature Goats.

australia knocknagulagh
Knocknagulagh Boer Goat Stud
Breeders of Fullblood African Boer goats based in Mudgee NSW Australia. Assistance offered to new goat breeders, including advice on hoof trimming, goat handling, tattooing tagging, mating, pregnancy and kidding.

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