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New Advanced Technology MF Round Balers

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the addition of a new line up of high quality, advanced technology MF Round Balers to its fast expanding green and gold harvesting range, which will make their debut at Agritechnica 17 in Hanover on 12-18 November 2017.

With a superb, consistent bale shape, superior design and high quality engineering, the new MF RB Series round balers further strengthen Massey Ferguson’s fast-growing fleet of efficient and dependable equipment.

MF5710 & RB2125FPR

MF5710 & RB2125FPR

Five models provide a wide choice of fixed- and variable chamber balers to exactly match the requirements of all users, including smaller stock farms, larger mixed grass and arable enterprises through to professional contractors.

The MF RB range will be recognised for its strength and reliability, with patented and unique features that will set the benchmark for producing consistent, superior hay, silage and straw bales.

“The MF RB Series joins the recently introduced mower, rakes and tedders, which quickly proved popular,” says Adam Sherriff, Market Development Manager, Massey Ferguson Harvesting, EME. “Customers are now able to buy a well-proven, quality baler from their local Massey Ferguson Dealer with the confidence of knowing they will receive superb service and back-up.

“The addition of these balers enables Massey Ferguson to expand its world-class range of hay and forage equipment, as well as provide arable operators with the industry’s most respected variable chamber round baler,” he adds.

Constructed from the highest quality components, the straightforward design combines ease of operation and dependable performance with low maintenance.

All are built to the very high standards and benefit from many unique features including the high speed camless pick-up, Hydroflexcontrol anti-block system, Constant Pressure System, Xtracut cutter and Varionet wrapping.

Both fixed and round balers are fitted with a positive, mechanical tailgate lock that ensures uniform bale diameter and high density, while reducing power consumption.

The MF RB Series is also available with a range of options including air brakes, wider pick-ups and larger tyres.

MF RB Series Round Balers’ outstanding features:

  • Three fixed chamber models making 1.25m diameter x 1.23m wide bales. Choice of three levels of specification to suit individual operational requirements

  • MF RB Series fixed chamber balers make dense, hard-centred bales with 18 Powergrip rollers, each featuring ten uniquely shaped ribs and three Xtracut options

  • Two variable chamber models making 0.9m-1.6m or 0.9m-1.8m bales, create consistent density and come with three Xtracut options

  • High performance, camless pick-up lifts more crop smoothly and efficiently. Straightforward design has fewer moving parts, to improve reliability and reduce maintenance

  • Xtracut option offers a choice of 13, 17 or 25 knives on fixed and variable chamber baler

  • Hydroflexcontrol prevents damage and downtime providing two-stage protection with automatic mechanical floor suspension and hydraulic lowering system

  • Varionet, standard on all MF RB Series balers, provides perfect edge-to-edge or over-the-edge wrapping with all types and qualities of net

  • Variotwin twine wrapping is an option on all balers

  • Positive mechanical tailgate lock ensures uniform bale diameter and high density, while reducing power consumption

  • Automatic lubrication and central grease points ease maintenance and improve longevity

  • Choice of ISOBUS compatible control or dedicated terminals

MF RB Series Balers produce perfect bales in a range of crops

Massey Ferguson’s new MF RB fixed and variable chamber balers make large, dense and uniform hay, silage and straw bales.

Three fixed chamber machines, create 1.25m diameter x 1.23m wide bales, using 18 Powergrip rollers, and offer various levels of specification to precisely match each individual farm’s needs.

The choice includes the straightforward MF RB 1125F, with net wrap; the MF RB 2125F with 13 or 17-knife Xtracut options and the top of the range MF RB 2125FPR, with 25-knife cutter for professional and large-scale operations.

Two variable chamber balers, which create bales with four seamless belts, are available with three Xtracut options, offering 13, 17 or 25 knives. The MF RB 4106V makes bales from 0.9m-1.6m in diameter, while the MF RB 4180V goes from 0.9m to 1.8m.

Perfect bales begin with superior pick-up

All MF RB balers are equipped with an innovative camless pick-up, which lifts the crop gently and efficiently, conveying it directly to the rotor.

This clever and practical design, operates more effectively, simply and quietly than traditional cam-based systems.

Instead of running in a cam track, pickup tines rotate through specially-shaped segment wrappers. Equipped with five rows of closely spaced tines, the rotor lifts the crop quickly, smoothly and cleanly.

The maintenance-free system has no grease points and employs fewer moving parts, which improves reliability.

Two hydraulic rams raise and lower the pick-up into the floating work position. With adjustment to suit ground conditions, the rams can be set to support the weight to allow it to ‘hover’ over the ground and protect the sward.

Optimum feeding is ensured, with a crop roller minimising losses and pre-compressing the swath, ahead of the pick-tines. Two side augers gather the swath and convey it directly to the rotor, helping to create the best bale shape.

The MF RB Series balers are available with a range of pick-up widths, from 2.0m on the MF RB1125F up to 2.4m on MF RB 4160V and RB 4180V.

Xtracut boosts density

Massey Ferguson’s Xtracut system helps pack in more crop to create denser, heavier bales, which improves silage quality as well as reducing wrapping, transport and storage costs.

Cut silage is not only better quality, it is also more palatable and easier to feed. Chopped straw is easier to incorporate into total mixed rations and makes more absorbent bedding, which is easier to spread as manure.

Available on all models, apart from the entry-level MF RB 1125F, Xtracut uses the longest knives on the market to deliver optimum cutting performance with trouble-free operation.

With Xtracut comes the unique Hydroflexcontrol, which keeps the MF RB Series working by completely clearing any blockage, quickly and easily with a two-stage anti-block system.

Variable chamber models come with three cutter options, providing 13, 17 or 25 knives. The RB MF 2125 FPR, aimed at professional operators, comes with 25 knives as standard.

Two hydraulically-operated knife banks on XC17 and XC25 versions to change the chop length quickly and easily. This enables operators to engage a single knife bank, both sets together or withdraw the knives completely, when not required.

Hydroflexcontrol delivers blockage-free operation

The exclusive Hydroflexcontrol – two stage anti-block system clears blockages, quickly and easily. Special Hydroflexcontrol suspension bushes allow the front of the chamber floor to flex, preventing up to 80% of potential blockages, by allowing any lumps to pass through.

If, however, this is not enough to stop a major blockage, the floor and knife banks can be lowered hydraulically in a few seconds and without leaving the cab. This system enables the operator to maintain an average of up to 20% faster working speeds in the field, which increases output and efficiency.

Variable chamber – four belts create perfectly formed bales

MF RB variable chamber machines make consistently shaped and heavy silage, hay and straw bales. Unrivalled density is assured thanks to the strong, welded and aligned chamber and constant pressure system.

Four industry-leading quality 28.5cm wide x 8mm thick, exceptionally durable belts form bales in diameters up to 1.6m or 1.8m. Special rollers tension the 11m long belts and help keep them clean.

A patented and unique bale development system uses two rollers to begin the core formation. As the bale expands the baler’s tailgate moves downwards, forcing the bale to the rear. This reduces the pressure on the feeding area, which delivers a higher throughput with a low power requirement.

Constant Pressure System boosts density

At the same time, the unique Constant Pressure System uses springs and hydraulic rams to continually increase the pressure as the bale expands. This maintains the same surface pressure on the bale from the core right up to the maximum diameter.

This Constant Pressure System plays a key role in achieving the uniform shape and market leading density through the bale. This not only packs more material into the same space, but also improves silage quality.

Mechanical tailgate lock

A straightforward and reliable mechanical tailgate lock, first introduced on these machines, delivers many benefits, ensuring the highest density while also maintaining a uniform diameter and high quality bale shape.

The mechanical lock saves power because it does not require any additional hydraulic pressure to hold the door shut. The positive mechanism also requires just one single acting valve to operate, which improves reliability.

Fixed chamber – strong, straightforward roller system

The MF RB fixed chamber balers set the standard for straw and silage baling, making dense, consistently shaped, 1.25m diameter bales.

Three models provide specification levels to suit all customers – from an entry level, non-cut version through to a fully-featured machine for large-scale operations and contractors.

All fixed chamber balers use 18 patented, 22cm diameter Powergrip rollers. The unique design uses ten longitudinal ribs, pressed into 3.2mm thick tube.

The ribs are in constant contact with the bale, which ensures perfect bale rotation, in all crops and conditions, as well as delivering the renowned consistent density and perfect bale shape.

Self-cleaning housings for the rollers’ support bearings allow moisture and crop to fall away. This prevents material wrapping and helps prolong bearing life.

The fixed chamber balers also employ the same mechanical tailgate locking system found on the variable chamber machines. This provides the same straightforward positive locking advantages, providing higher density and superb bale shape.

Standard net wrap secures superb bale shape

Easy to load, set and operate Varionet net wrapping is standard on all MF RB Series balers, ensuring bales maintain their superb shape during handling and storage. Twine wrapping is an option.

The versatile Varionet system performs perfectly with all types of net - regardless of its quality or length. It is easy to adjust the wrap width to apply net edge-to-edge or over the edge for further protection during loading, handling and transport.

A standard Easy Loading System (ELS) facilitates quick, easy and safe net roll loading with storage for a spare roll, providing capacity for up to ten hours baling. Moreover, the replacement roll can be loaded in just a few minutes and by one person.

For those not requiring net, the Variotwin twine system offers a simple and economical alternative. This uses a unique Variable Speed Control that delivers more twine revolutions on the bale edges for better security as well as faster wrapping.

Superb engineering and easy maintenance

MF RB Series balers come with a reputation for not only making superb, consistent bales, but also for their high quality construction and reliability.

Drive is delivered by a Powersplit gearbox, which divides the PTO power, without the need for chains to change direction. Built to handle the greater loads, the gearbox delivers the highest torque required for peak performance in all conditions – even the wettest silage bales.

Bale chambers are engineered to withstand the pressures required to create the highest density. The thick, welded side panels are aligned perfectly and supported by reinforcing tubes to provide the rigidity to deliver the density without flexing.

World-leading quality chains are used on all MF RB Series balers. These are lubricated automatically with brushes or felt strips, with individual adjustment for each ensuring they are all supplied the exact amount required. Remote greasing banks make it faster and easier to lubricate bearings, which further improve reliability and extends their working life.

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