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Plenty of Bidders at Ross on Wye Lleyn Sale

At Ross on Wye Auction Centre on Thursday 6th September 2018 the sheep sale ring was busy for most of the day with plenty bidders across all sections including several for large numbers.

The senior ewe section kicked off with W & B Lewis, Ceredigion selling a pen of four year olds for £100/head to D Edwards, Gloucester. Messrs Lewis sold another two pens for £92 and £90/head to RA Hughes, Anglesey.

Top priced Ram - 3800gns

Top priced Ram - 3800gns

Shearling ewes saw a firm trade throughout with many pens selling comfortably between £140 and £170 for much of the day. The trade slipped slightly towards the end of the section once buyers for numbers had got their orders filled, although some pens were still realising £160-170 in the last few lots. DJ Steen, Moffat topped with a pen of six selling for £190/head to D Edwards, Gloucester. Mr Steen also sold another pen of six for £175/head to S Phillips, Cirencester. J Hamer, Oswestry sold the 1st prize pen of 5 for £180/head to D Birt, Churcham. Lionel Organ sold 10 for £178/head to D Edwards. There were 15 pens sold for £170 and above. A positive clearance of 97%.

A stronger selection of ewe lambs saw an encouraging demand with a clearance of 81%. C Price, Brecon topped the section with £142/head for five. Mr Price then sold a further two pens of ten and seven for £124/head. All were purchased by WG Smyth & Son, Barnstaple. Wynne Davies, Pwhelli sold the 3rd prize pen of five for £128/head to C Long, Monmouth. C & R Bowen, Haverfordwest sold the 1st prize pen of ten for £112/head to M Williams, Pwllheli. Mr Bowen sold a further pen of ten for £110/head to C Long.

A clearance rate of 78% was another positive note to the day. With plenty of buyers for commercial rams although cautious about price with a few highlights above 700gns and many selling at 300-400gns. The highlight came once again from E & D Jones, Machynlleth with the 1st prize Lluest ram (00599/1708698), sired by a D Steen ram selling for the days top price of 3800gns to G & A Fort, West Yorkshire. Next G & A Fort sold the second prize ram, Brightonhouse Gold Card (01299/1714254), sired by a Christine Lewis ram for 2800gns to Dylan Jones. HM Wells, Cardigion sold Rowelen Glan (00575/1701087), sired by a homebred sire Rowelen Edward for 1150gns to GG & HE Sevenoaks, Abergavenny.

Part of the day (not included in the main averages) saw Phyl & David Hale, Flock 937 auction five ewe lambs with the proceeds donated to Bristol Children’s Hospital after they cared for their son during his recent heart operation. The lambs sold individually as follows; £205 to John Geldard, £205 to C Elliot, £200 to S & H Morris, £200 to W & J McCurdie, £200 to Graham Fort. Mr Fort then donated his lamb back and it was re-auctioned selling for £200 to Andrew Bennett, who also re-offered. It finally sold to CE & GD Lamming for £205. In total £1415 was raised for the hospital. Thank you to everyone who supported.


Senior ewes to £100 av. £94

Shearling Ewes to £190 av. £155

Ewe lambs to £142 av. £99

Rams to 3800gns av. £544


Senior Ewes

W & B Lewis £100, £92, £90

Shearling Ewes

DJ Steen £190, £175

J Hamer £180

L Organ £178

HM Wells £172

G & A Fort £172

C Lewis £172

Ewe Lambs

C Price £142, £100 (x2)

AW Davies £128

C & R Bowen £112, £110

WJ & DJ Williams £110

T Rees £106, £100


E & D Jones 3800gns

G & A Fort 2800gns

HM Wells 1150gns

DJ Steen 1020gns, 820gns


Judges: Females – Robin Bowen, Rams- John Hamer

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

1. J Hamer
2. 2. C & R Bowen
3. P Hale

Pen of 10 Shearling Ewes

1. GG & HE Sevenoaks
2. G & A Fort
3. C & R Bowen

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

1. T Rees
2. WJ & DJ Williams
3. AW Davies

Pen of 10 Ewe Lambs

1. C & R Bowen
2. T Rees
3. P Hale

Best Shearling Ram

1. E & D Jones (480)
2. G & A Fort (441)
3. WJ & DJ Williams (444)
4. JA & R Geldard & Sons (448)


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