Seek Sufficient Insurance Cover for Pedigree Rams

Farmers are being urged to consider suitable insurance cover ahead of rams going out to field through tupping season, as the industry is championed during Love Lamb Week (1-7 Sept).

There has been an increased demand of British farmers for home-grown lamb available all year-round, rather than focusing on traditional early lamb for the Easter period. This, combined with the year-on-year increasing demand for lamb by the Islamic community during Eid al-Adha, represents an important opportunity for sheep farming enterprises, for those who want to take it.

Sarah Verity

Sarah Verity

With the ram sales already in full swing around the country; although there is some worry about fodder for this winter which may potentially result in fewer buyers, we will definitely still see the hammer drop for some rams at a very appreciable price.

Although livestock will normally be insured for specific perils on the main farm policy, farmers should consider individual insurance for these high value animals.

“If you have invested significant figures on a ram to serve your ewes, we always recommended these animals are insured on a more comprehensive basis,” explains Sarah Verity, of Farmers & Mercantile Insurance Brokers’ Yorkshire office.

“There will be a lot of movement over the next few months, and it is sensible and prudent to consider all risks mortality cover in the case of death caused by accident, injury or illness,” adds Sarah.

“Likewise, if the animal becomes permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of service, loss of use insurance will help protect your investment,” concludes Sarah.

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