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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 42 cattle, 13 spring lambs, 2,256 prime hoggs and 2,277 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th April 2018.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 238.0p (224.4p)
Heavy to 226.0p (222.9p)

Light to 234.0p (231.9p)
Medium to 244.0p (238.3p)
Heavy to 240.0p (233.0p)

Light to 275.0p (257.5p)
Standard to 291.0p (291.0p)
Medium to 354.0p (297.4p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 263.0p (222.4p)
Standard to 342.0p (242.1p)
Medium to 353.0p (256.8p)
Heavy to 327.0p (259.5p)

Light to £85.00 (£53.33)
Heavy to £152.00 (£95.12)

Rams to £150.00 (£106.68)

A larger entry of 42 cattle comprising of 18 cast cows and 24 prime cattle. Cast cows saw a plain show selling very well and many more could have been sold. The sale topped at 131p for a Galloway cow sold by David Eastham, Peartree Farm. Top price per head was £1,071 for a Holstein stock bull.

An excellent show of clean cattle saw a busy ring of buyers ensuring trade was very dear, with the sale averaging 231.8p. More needed to satisfy demand. The sale was topped at 244p for a wonderful British Blue heifer shown by Messrs Fiddler, Barrow Ling, who’s trailer of heifers averaged 235p. Limousin heifers peaked at 240p on three occasions, firstly for a pair off J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown then for one off A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green.

Limousin bullocks topped at 238p from J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown with heavyweight bullocks selling to 226p twice from A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green. Top price per head was £1,595 for a Limousin bullock with the heifer section peaking at £1,536.15 also for a Limousin, both being sold by A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwell Green.

Longtown cattle ring



British Blue Heifers 244p Barrow Ling.

Limousin Heifers 240p (x2) Englishtown, 240p, 238p, 237p Dashwell Green, 235p Englishtown, 234p Englishtown & Dashwell Green, 231p, 230p Dashwell Green, 230p Englishtown, 226p Barrow Ling.

Limousin Steers 238p Englishtown, 226p (x2) Dashwell Green, 223p Englishtown, 220p Dashwell Green.


Galloway 131p Peartree.

Limousin 128p Palmer Hill, 114p Highside.

Black & White 127p Ardlamy, 126p, 122p Harelawhole, 116p Ardlamy.

Luing 124p Crosslee.

Angus 116p Branteth.



Limousin Steers £1,595, £1,536, £1,439 Dashwell Green, £1,368 Englishtown.

Limousin Heifers £1,536, £1,474, £1,428 (x2), £1,414 Dashwell Green, £1,412 Barrow Ling, £1,398 Dashwell Green, £1,308, £1,304 Englishtown.

British Blue Heifers £1,390 Barrow Ling.


Black & White Stock Bull £1,071 Balnagleck.

Black & White £957 Harelawhole, £787, £742 Ardlamy.

Galloway £786 Peartree.

Luing £737 Crosslee.

Limousin £697 Palmer Hill.

Spring lambs were in short supply with demand extremely strong. The sale topped at £145 for Suffolks from Scarrow Hill, who also achieved the top price per kilo of 354p.

A similar entry of 2,256 prime hoggs were a better quality show. Heavy hoggs were at extreme rates and sold to a top of 165 for Texels from B Dawson, Colinton Mains and for Beltex from Messrs Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, with many pens over £150.

Export hoggs of good meat met another fantastic trade, with many pens selling in excess of 270p per kilo and topped at 353p for Beltex hoggs again from Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth.

Light hoggs were also making around the 250p per kilo mark and to a top of 263p from Anderson Bros, Millriggs who also topped this section at £84.

Overall sale average 250.3p (SQQ 249.1p)


Beltex 353p, 342p Easter Ochtermuthill, 327p Cuiltburn, 315p Drumcairn, 313p Maidencots, 309p Easter Ochtermuthill, 304p Cuiltburn, 302p Drumcairn, 300p Cuiltburn, 297p, 295p Waterside, 290p Heathery Hall, 285p Drumcairn.

Texel 311p Maidencots, 307p, 296p Chapel, 294p Maidencots, 293p, 289p Chapel, 288p Tara, 288p, 286p Chapel, 283p Sowerby Wood, 280p Colinton Mains, 279p Chapel & Sowerby Wood, 277p Allenheads, 274p Heathery Hall, 273p Oswie, 272p, 271p Chapel, 270p High Parsons Bridge & Maidencots.

Suffolk 285p Maidencots, 273p Knock, 268p Maidencots, 262p Golden Lane, 257p Allenheads, 256p Cardewlees, 254p Camelford, 253p Tinnishall, 252p Hilltop, 251p, 250p Oswie, 249p Hallburn & Easter Ochtermuthill, 247p Middle Shipley, Guardsmill & Sceugh Dyke, 245p, 240p Allenheads.

Cheviot 282p, 277p West Scales, 275p Longburgh Fauld, 274p, 273p West Scales, 273p Four O Boot, 271p Longburgh Fauld, 270p West Scales, 269p, 268p Longburgh Fauld, 268p Sandbed, 267p, 266p Dryfeholm, 266p Stoneraise & High Knells, 265p Yett & High Knells, 260p Sandbed.

North Country Cheviot 274p Commonside, 273p, 263p Aucharua, 252p Knock.

Blackface 263p Maidencots, 261p, 250p Heathery Hall, 244p Stoneraise & Waterside, 244p, 242p, 241p Heathery Hall, 240p High Airyolland, 239p Yett, 236p Kilkeddan, 232p Hallburn.

Mule 255p Killeonan, 253p Hilltop, 251p Allenheads, 248p Heathery Hall.

Charollais 245p Tinnishall.

Swaledale 236p Allenheads, 233p Chapel, 226p High Priorscales, 225p Allenheads, 220p Stoneraise.

Zwartble 233p Colinton Mains.

Oxford 232p Midtodholes.


Texel £165 Colinton Mains, £163, £159 Chapel, £158 Longburgh Fauld & Maidencots, £155 Longburgh Fauld, £154 Muircleugh, £150 Sowerby Wood & Maidencots, £149 Ryehill, £145 Oswie, £145, £141 Chapel, £140 Maidencots & Chapel.

Beltex £165, £164, £160 Easter Ochtermuthill, £164, £160 Cuiltburn, £154, £148, £145 Drumcairn, £144 Maidencots, £141 Easter Ochtermuthill, £139 Heathery Hall, £138 Cuiltburn, £133 Drumcairn, £130 Easter Ochtermuthill.

Suffolk £157 Maidencots & Easter Ochtermuthill, £155 Oswie & Morley Hill, £153 Maidencots, £145 Knock, £142 Camelford, £141 Hilltop, £140 Guardsmill, £135 Sceugh Dyke, £131 Golden Lane, £130 Allenheads, £129 Tinnishall, £121 Sceugh Dyke, £120 Fenton.

Zwartble £154 Colinton Mains.

North Country Cheviot £145 Commonside, £137 Larkhall, £121 Aucharua, £116 Knock, £110 Larkhall.

Oxford £141, £139 Midtodholes.

Cheviot £133 Drycleuchlea, £127 West Scales, £126 Camelford, £122 High Knells, £121 Longburgh Fauld, £120, £119, £118 West Scales, £118 Sandbed, £117 High Knells & Sandbed, £114 Longburgh Fauld & Yett, £113 Longburgh Fauld, £112 Dryfeholm, £110 Longburgh Fauld.

Blackface £121 Heathery Hall, £113 Ashcraig, £110 Yett, £105 Maidencots, £100 Stonraise & Knock.

Mule £117 Middle Shipley, £114 Hilltop, £113 Allenheads, £112 Killeonan, £110 Allenheads & Oswie.

Charollais £108 Tinnishall.

Swaledale £107 High Priorscales, £106 Allenheads.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar show of 2,277 cast ewes and rams met a sharper trade on he week with numbers short of requirements. 731 heavy ewes averaged £115.46 and to a top of £154 for Texel ewes from Thomas Magnay, Brisco Meadows, Carlisle. Hill ewes to £85 for Blackface ewes from JW Hogg, Longyester, East Lothian and cast rams to £150 for a Blue Faced Leicester from Messrs Runciman, Allanshaws, Galashiels.


Texel £152 Brisco Meadows, £143 Chaseside & Viewley, £141 Beckfoot, £139 Colinton Mains & Marygate, £134 Colinton Mains & Muircleugh, £131 Seymour House, £128 Carwath, £127 Viewley, £126 Chaseside & Marygate, £123 Byreburnside, £121 Beckfoot, Marygate & Viewley, £120 Chaseside.

Charollais £130, £119 Beckfoot, £114 Chaseside, £105 Viewley.

Suffolk £128 Longyester, £127 Beechgrove, £126 Chaseside, £123 Viewley, £121 Chaseside & Sceugh Dyke, £120 Easter Ochtermuthill, £119 Beckfoot, £118 Allanshaws, Beechgrove & Seymour House, £117 Knock, £116 Golden Lane, £115 Chaseside & Knock, £114 Howford & Sceugh Dyke, £113 Kirkton of Kingoldrum & Hassendeanburn, £112 Low Hallburn.

Beltex £127, £121, £118 Easter Ochtermuthill.

Oxford £112 Guards.

North Country Cheviot £109 Viewley, £99 Larkhall, £96 Beckfoot, £94 Marygate, £90 Dalmakethar, £87 Larkhall & Golden Lane, £85 Dormansteads, £81 Killeonan & Machribeg, £80 Allanshaws.

Blue Faced Leicester £109 Midtodhills & Morley Hill, £108 Whintingstown.

Mule £108 Oswie, £101 Seymour House & Sceugh Dyke, £98 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £95 Woodhead, Middle Shipley & Oswie, £94 Newtown, £92 Fenton, £91 Longyester.

Zwartble £94 Viewfields.

Cheviot Mule £93 Woodhead, £92 Seymour House.


Blackface £85 Longyester, £79 Bankend, £77 Longyester, £75 Wyliehole, £74 Dunblane, £71 Wanwood Hill, £69 Minsca, £67 High Yarridge & Brewery House Barn, £66 Marygate & Howahilll, £63 Redburn View, £60 Wyliehole & Carnavel.

Cheviot £83 Allfornaught, £75 Marygate, £73 Allfornaught, £72 Priesthaugh & Braehead, £69 Knock & Escart.

Jacob £79 Wardrew.

Lleyn £78 Dalmakethar.

Swaledale £75 The Flatt, £73 Spoutbank, £70 Kilnstown, £67 Midtodhills, £65 Longlea, £64 Allenheads, £63 Longlea.

Goat £73 Cleughead.


Blue Faced Leicester £150 Allanshaws.

Suffolk £142, £108 Longyester, £107 Beckfoot, £100 Sceugh Dyke.

Texel £131 Chaseside, £128 Longyester, £124 Byreburnside, £120 Allanshaws, £119 Beckfoot, £116 Kirkton of Kingoldrum.

Charollais £113 Viewley.

North Country Cheviot £112 Drycleuchlea, £100 Lammonbie Mill.

Beltex £112 Ryehill.

Oxford £110 Guards.

Blackface £98 Longyester, £95 Wardrew.

longtown mart

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