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Consider Bedding Options to Reduce Antibiotic Use when Lambing

With straw prices high and lambing time fast approaching, sheep farmers are being advised to consider alternative bedding options to save costs and prevent health problems.

Lambing pens can harbour significant amounts of harmful bacteria, putting animal health at risk and compromising farm profitability, so farmers should be looking at proven bedding options to prevent health problems at this critical time.


“The success of a sheep farmer's business is hugely influenced by lambing performance, and farmers have worked incredibly hard over the last few years to reduce health problems at this critical time,” says Tim Smalley, Managing Director of BEDMAX, who will be attending the Borderway Agri Expo in Carlisle on November 3rd.

“We welcome last week’s Government report on the successful reduction of antibiotics use on UK farms,” says Tim. “However, let’s not get complacent; there’s still a lot of work to be done and focusing on preventative methods of reducing animal disease continues to be a priority for farmers. We believe that our STOCKMAX pine shavings offer farmers a highly effective, completely natural, cost effective alternative to antibiotics in the fight against infection and the loss of lambs that result from it.

“The E.coli bacteria – which causes the most serious infections in the lambing pen – and E. Faecium are the most widespread and serious health threats to housed animals, particularly at lambing time, both thrive in the warmth and moisture of manure and urine in bedding.

“STOCKMAX is made from 100% pine, and research we have discovered or commissioned over the past 16 years has proved that pine contains natural defense mechanisms that eliminate a wide range of harmful bacteria and fungal spores, including these two prevalent bacteria. Our experience with sheep farmers using BEDMAX originally and more recently STOCKMAX over the past five years or more has shown very clear evidence that it works very effectively to combat or prevent infections that pose the greatest threats to sheep and lambs in the lambing pen."

“Our sales of STOCKMAX pine shavings have almost doubled in the last 12 months, which reflects the success of this 100% British made and fully traceable bedding option. Reports from customers have confirmed this bedding option eliminates or dramatically reduces both the incidence of infection and, as a result, the need for antibiotics and costly treatments.

"We are continually investing in research and development to understand the science that makes our shavings work for our customers, and improve our processes to make them work even more effectively. But the best proof of success comes from our customers, and we're delighted that STOCKMAX is clearly helping farmers where it really matters, in the lambing pen and on the bottom line.”


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