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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 3,779 prime lambs and 5,448 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th October 2017.


Light to 170.0p (170.0p)
Medium to -------p (------p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to 172.0p (172.0p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 176.0p (134.8p)
Standard to 261.0p (163.9p)
Medium to 253.0p (172.3p)
Heavy to 213.0p (161.2p)
Overweight 174.0p (134.6p)

Light to £65.00 (£27.88)
Heavy to £148.00 (£64.14)

Rams to £130.00 (£80.36)

Similar numbers of cattle forward on the week, again a plain show with mainly cold bellied cows on offer. Trade was on par and topped at 126p (£1,152.90) for a Limousin stock bull from Mr David Baxter, Moss Side. Beef Shorthorn cows topped at 120p (£942) from JDM Thomson, Newlands.

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith



Limousin Bull 126p Moss Side.

Beef Shorthorn 120p Newlands.

Limousin 118p Swaites, 94p The Side.

Black & White 112p, 110p Low Moat.

Continental 108p Swaites.

Galloway 100p Hartsgarth.


Limousin Bull £1,152 Moss Side.

Beef Shorthorn £942 Newlands.

Limousin £702 Swaites.

Black & White £675, £654, £649 Low Moat.

A similar entry of 3,779 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. The best lambs met a premium trade selling between 220-250p per kilo. Heavy lambs and meated lambs also a very strong trade, with leaner types again proving still hard to sell.

Sale topped at 261p for a pen of great Beltex lambs from Messrs Halliday, Crawthat, Lockerbie. Top price per head of £103.80 for Beltex lambs from Messrs Hall, Lanerton, Brampton and for Texels from Messrs Mews, Glendue, Hexham. Overall sale average 165.7p (SQQ 167.8p).


Beltex 261p Crawthat, 253p Lanerton, 240p, 238p Waterside, 230p Lanerton & Greenside, 227p Walton Highrigg, 215p Netherbrotherstone & Brisco Meadows, 214p Waterside, 213p Drumcairn.

Texel 240p Crumhaughhill, 239p High Aketon, 238p Forget Me Not, 230p Crawthat, 229p High Aketon & Forget Me Not, 228p, 226p Thornthwaite Close, 226p Kirk House, 220p Fenton.

Suffolk 179p Airds of Balcary, 175p Overtonbush, 173p Hallburn, 170p Outertown, 168p Fenwick & Grainhead, 167p Whitegates, 166p Low Hallburn, 165p Tarrasfoot & Ashley Park.

Charollais 178p The Heugh, 169p Boghall & Fenwick, 164p The Chestnuts, 160p Hallburn.

Cheviot 178p Greenside, 165p Parkhill, 161p Pennersaughs & Greenside.

Cross 173p Newbiggin, 169p Greensburn, 168p Craighead, 164p Nether Gribton & Barglachan, 163p High Parkfoot, 162p Penpeugh & Barglachan, 161p Roanstree & Kirkton of Crawford.

Berrichon 168p Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule 165p Mid Farm, 160p Airyolland.

Blackface 163p Edges Green, 160p Penpeugh & Peela Hill, 156p Skelfhill, 153p Nether Gribton.

Lleyn 160p, 159p Over Whitlaw.

Oxford 152p Guards, 150p Dyke.


Beltex £103.80 Lanerton, £101.80 Crawthat, £100.80, £99.80 Waterside, £100 Drumcairn, £96.80 Greenside & Lanerton, £94.80 Brisco Meadows, £92.80 Netherbrotherstone, £91 Drumcairn.

Texel £103.80 Glendue, £100 Forget Me Not, £96.80 Miller Hill, £95.80 Crumhaughhill, £95.60 High Aketon, £94.80 Sowerby Wood, £93.80 High Aketon, Kirk House & Forget Me Not.

Suffolk £89.80 Tarrasfoot, £80 Ashley Park, Sceugh Dyke & Fenton, £79.80 Woodhall & Tarrasfoot, £78.80 Newbiggin, £78 Fenton & Pates Hill, £77.80 Sceugh Dyke.

Charollais £80 The Chestnuts, £77 Hallburn, £74 The Chestnuts, £71 Boghall, £70.80 Fenwick.

Cross £78.80 The Nook, £77.80 Newbiggin, £77.20 Roanstree, £73.50, £73.40 Nunscleugh, £73 Penpeugh, £72.50 Kirkton of Crawford, £72.20 Whitegates.

Berrichon £75.80 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £72.80 Mid Farm.

Blackface £72 Penpeugh, £65.80 Nether Gribton, £64 Penpeugh, £63.40, £62.40 Peela Hill, £62 Sewing Shields.

Oxford £68.80 Dyke.

Cheviot £67.80 Greenside, £64.20 Parkhill, £60 Hampden House.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

5,448 cast ewes and rams were forward again in large numbers with the usual buyers present. Trade for the best ewes were similar, however lean horned ewes were harder to sell on the week.

Sale topped at £148 for Texel ewes from Messrs Harrison, Hazel Head, Wigton. Rams to £130 for Texel rams from Messrs Mews, Glendue, Hexham.


Texel £148 Hazel Head, £140 Beckfoot, £139 Chaseside, £136 Beckfoot & Maidencots, £134 Heatherglen & Hazel Head, £132 Glendue, £131 Bardnaclaven, £127 Netherbrotherstone, £121 Chaseside, £120 Over Whitlaw, £119 Linton, £116 Sowerby Wood, £115 Netherbrotherstone & Beckfoot, £114, £113 Hallbankgate, £110 Airds of Balcary.

Suffolk £117 Chaseside, £115, £112 Beckfoot, £110 Wood Vale & Chaseside, £107 Viewley, £98 Linton & Sowerby Wood, £98, £95 Lynegar, £90 Lower Reiss.

Beltex £114 Low Old Shield.

Charolais £110 Heatherglen & Chaseside, £107 Ballachristory, £101 Beckfoot, £100 Heatherglen.

North Country Cheviot £100 Wood Vale, £82 Heatherglen, £80 Chaseside & Lower Westerdale, £78 Beckfoot & Larkhall.

Blue Faced Leicester £87 High Burnfoot, £78 Newbiggin, £76 Nunscleugh.

Half-bred £81 Linton.

Cheviot Mule £80 Broom Park, £78 Spital Shields, £71 North House.

Cross £74 Broom Park, Knowe & Hallbankgate, £73 Spital Shields, £71 Hollinclose, £69 Airds of Balcary, £67 High Lovelady Shield, Saughland & Broom Park, £65 Unity.


Lleyn £65 Sharpitlaw, £62 Berryfell.

Cheviot £64 Drycleuchlea, £56 Parkhill, £52 Wardlaw, £50 Nottingham Mains, £49 Gilmanscleugh, £47 Burnfoot of Ewes.

Blackface £52 Glendinning, £50 Woodhall, Redburn View & Hott Farm, £47 Kellah & Paddockhole, £45 Seafield.

Kendal Rough £41 Gillhead.

Swaledale £35 Spital Shields, £34 Wydon Eals & High Lovelady Shield, £33 Spital Shields, £31 Reaygarth, £30 Dumblar Rigg, Sheepriggs & Woodhouse.


Texel £130 Glendue, £124 Wydon Eals, £116 Bradley, £109 Thankerton Camp, £105 Cross House, £103 Eastside, £100 Heatherglen.

Charollais £114, £112 Beckfoot.

Blue Faced Leicester £114 Kilnstown.

Suffolk £111 Hazel Head.

Cheviot £100 Berryfell, £96 Wardlaw, £90 Faulding Cleugh.

Beltex £100 Wood Vale, £99 Paddockhole.

North Country Cheviot £97 North House, £95 Wood Vale.

Blackface £88, £84 Chirdon, £86 Penpeugh.

longtown mart

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