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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,219 prime lambs and 6,858 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th October 2017.

Light to 219.0p (142.8p)
Standard to 264.0p (175.9p)
Medium to 248.0p (177.1p)
Heavy to 210.0p (170.9p)
Overweight 181.0p (162.5p)

Light to £69.00 (£34.40)
Heavy to £159.00 (£69.15)

Rams £200.00 (£81.33)

A very mixed show of cast cows with only plain and feeders on offer. Trade sold similar on the week but only topped at 120p; due to the lack of meat, for a Charolais from Messrs Baxter, Moss Side then again for an Angus cow from BM & Z Harrison, Clarghyll.

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith



Limousin 119p Clarghyll, 113p The Side.

Charolais 120p, 118p Moss Side.

Angus 120p Clarghyll.

Hereford 119p Brieredge.



Charolais £885, £852 Moss Side.

Hereford £844 Brieredge.

Angus £768 Clarghyll.

Limousin £737 Clarghyll.

Another large show of 4,219 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. A tremendous show for quality was matched with a fantastic trade for such, with the best quality lambs easily sold and keenly sought after all day. Heavyweight lambs with good flesh still realising strong money, with a much smaller show of light lambs, owing to ram sales meeting a fast selling trade. However still an abundance of lambs not fat diluting the average which should be sold as stores.

Sale topped at 264p for a pen of wonderful Beltex lambs from regular supporter Messrs Nixon, Oakwood, Selkirk. Top price per head of £104 for great Beltex lambs from another regular supporter Messrs Hall, Lanerton, Brampton. Overall sale average 174.6p (SQQ 175.9p).


Beltex 264p Oakwood, 248p Lanerton, 238p Oakwood, 234p Waltonwoodhead, 230p Oakwood, 226p Crawthat, 226p, 224p Waterside, 221p Oakwood, 219p Burray.

Texel 234p Lanerton, 233p Crumhaughhill, 226p Killocraw, 225p Burray, 219p Crumhaughhill & Tinnishall, 218p Hermitage, 214p Upper Tinwald, 213o Low Knockrioch, 212p Waltonwoodhead.

Suffolk 208p Kilnford Croft, 188p Weeds & Wallend, 182p Overtonbush, 180p Miller Hill & Burray, 178p Upper Tinwald, 175p Archerbeck, Kilnford Croft & Tinnishall.

Charollais 204p, 195p Low Knockrioch, 189p Pates Hill, 185p Bidlake, 181p Low Knockrioch & Kilnford Croft, 180p Killocraw & Weeds.

Berrichon 183p, 176p Harwood House, 171p Sceugh Dyke, 170p Harwood House.

Half-bred 180p Dodgsonstown.

North Country Cheviot 179p Auchentaggart, 171p Harwood House, 168p Auchentaggart.

Cheviot 175p Kirkton, 171p Basco Dykehead, 168p Sundhope, 166p Balure, 163p Earlside & Dykefoot Cottage.

Cross 173p Kirkton Hill, 169p Whiteside, 166p High Parkfoot, 165p Barglachan, 164p Harelawhill Cottage, 163p Low Dunashery.

Blackface 164p Kirkton Hill, 158p Auchentaggart, 157p Cowden Burn.

Cheviot Mule 164p Branxholm Braes.


Beltex £104 Lanerton, £103, £100 Oakwood, £95 Crawthat & Waterside, £93 Oakwood, £92 Waterside, £92, £91 Oakwood, £91 Park Nook.

Texel £101 Killocraw, £100, £99 Kirkton, £88 Waltonwoodhead & Crumhaughhill, £96 Lanerton & Hermitage, £95 Kirkton & Tinnishall, £94 Springfield Farm Court, Kilnford Croft, Oakwood & Crumhaughhill, £93 Rowanburn & Waltonwoodhead.

Suffolk £96, £93 Kilnford Croft, £90 East Murkle, £87 Kilnford Croft, £86 Archerbeck, £84 Tinnishall, £83 Kilnford Croft, £82 Sceugh Dyke, £81 Shield Green.

Half-bred £95, £90 Dodgsonstown.

Charollais £92 Low Knockrioch, £87 Bidlake, £86 Burray, £85 Pates Hill, £83 Greensburn & Archerbeck, £82 Tinnishall & Low Knockrioch, £80 Tinnishall.

Oxford £80 Guards.

Berrichon £77 Sceugh Dyke.

Cross £76 Whiteside, £75 Brownleazes & Miller Hill £74 Harelawhill Cottage & Mindork, £73 High Parkfoot, £72 Barglachan.

North Country Cheviot £75 Whiteknowe.

Cheviot £73, £72 Garvilland, £70 Kirkton & Earlside.

Cheviot Mule £72 Branxholm Braes.

Blackface £67 Tanlawhill, £66 Cowden Burn.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

Another very large show of 6,858 cast ewes and rams attracted the usual full ring of buyers, all keen for sheep especially size and flesh. Heavy ewes would be £4-5 dearer on the week and short of requirements, whilst another large show of hill ewes was forward with a much better selection on offer, with many heavy, fat horned ewes realising £45-50. Rams again short of requirements and easily sold.

Sale topped at £200 for an outstanding Texel ram from Messrs Roots, Kilnford Croft with Texel ewes to £159 from Messrs Bell, Kirkton.


Texel £159 Kirkton, £150 Beckfoot, £148 Kirkton, £143 Duke Street, £140 Kirkton, Lower Reiss & Broom Park, £139 Chaseside, £135 Westhills & Sowerby Wood, £131 Duke Street, £130 Ballagraingey, £128 Overtonbush & Aspatria Hall, £126 Eastside.

Beltex £126 Hobbiesburn.

Suffolk £118 Beckfoot, £116 Broom Park, £113 Chaseside, £111 Beckfoot, £110 Burray, Chaseside & Ballagraingey, £103 Sowerby Wood, £100 Eastside, £98 Chaseside, Langraw & Kilnford Croft.

Charolais £117, £114 Chaseside, £109 Beckfoot, £110 Low Knockrioch.

Half-bred £105 Smailholm Mains.

North Country Cheviot £100 Sornfallow, £94 East Murkle, £88 Sowerby Wood, £85 Eastside, £84 Brockhouse & East Murkle, £80 Remiggy & Hownam Grange.

Blue Faced Leicester £92 Cowden Burn, £90 Westhills.

Cheviot Mule £78 Eastside, £76 Mindork, £73 Broom Park, £71 Parkhill, £70 Tordale.

Cross £77 Bolton Wood Lane, £75 Netherbrotherstone & Eastside, £73 Brownleazes & Borthaugh, £72 Broom Park, £70 Camelford & Aspatria Hall, £68 Howard House, Whitehouse, Threepwood & Eastside.


Lleyn £69 Dolphinston, £67 Sharplaw, £63 Dolpinston, £59 Jerusalem, £55 Sharplaw.

Blackface £60 Brownleazes & Crindledykes, £55 Harelawhill Cottage, £54 Brownleazes, £50 Unthank & Garvilland, £49 Eastside, £48 Birneyknowe & East Fortissat.

Cheviot £59 Branxholm Braes & Toftingall, £54 Ramseycleuch & High Frost Hall, £50 Tanlawhill, Parkhill & Kirkton, £49 The Wreay, £47 Branxholm Braes.

Easycare £47 Broom Park, £46 East Fortissat.

Swaledale £40 Broom Park, £38 Peasemyres, £35 Sheepriggs, £34, £33 Camelford, £33 Coatlith Hill, £30 St Gatains & High Burnfoot.


Texel £200 Kilnford Croft, £124 Eastside, £122 Burray, £120 Ballaseyr, £118 Fearn, £108 Chaseside, £106 Bayles, £104 Bidlake, £100 Duke Street, Gibblaston & Broom Park.

Suffolk £145 East Murkle, £140 Kilnford Croft, £118 Chaseside, £108 Kirkton Hill, £100 East Cliff.

Charollais £140 Chaseside, £132 Ballachristory, £112 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £118 Marchbank, £116 Meikle Whitriggs, £108 Hownam Grange.

Blue Faced Leicester £112 Toftingall.

Hampshire £110 Bayles.

Berrichon £99 Bayles.

Blackface £90 Cowden Burn, £80 Kirkton Hill.

Cheviot £80 Mill House.

longtown mart

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