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New Single Rotor Grass Rakes from Kuhn

KUHN Farm Machinery has added three new mounted, single rotor grass rakes to its range of hay and silage making equipment, with all three models sharing features from the company’s larger twin and four-rotor rakes.

The GA 4431, GA 4731 and GA 5031 have been developed to work across 4.40 m, 4.65 m and 5.00 m widths respectively. With a 4.00 m diameter rotor, the GA 5031 is the largest mounted single-rotor machine on the market.

Kuhn GA 5031

Kuhn GA 5031

The design of each of the new machines makes them simple to operate and they are suitable for lower powered tractors, making them ideal for use on livestock farms.

KUHN’s MASTERDRIVE GIII system features on each of the new machines. This patented, two stage gearbox uses a bevel and spur gear reduction system which has proven to be exceptionally reliable on the company’s larger twin and four-rotor grass rakes. The gearbox is totally enclosed, requires minimal maintenance, and with no crown wheel and pinion, has a reduced wear potential which means fewer breakdowns, even during intensive use.

The new single rotor GA machines have been designed to reduce the time spent changing from road to field mode: an ergonomic support arm and central locking design make the changeover quick and simple. Windrow deflectors and guards are operated manually or can be operated hydraulically as an option. They use a weight-compensation spring system, which also reduces set-up time.

The headstock provides the Raking rotor with a windrow clearance height of more than 40 cm and excellent contour following capabilities. This ensures excellent forage quality conservation and makes the machine easier to manoeuvre when working in tight spaces or on uneven/sloping ground. Raking height is easily adjustable via the use of a hand-operated crank handle and enables the rake to be fine-tuned to suit the terrain and to minimise soil contamination.


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