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Claas Presents New Axion 800 Series Tractors

Tractors in the AXION 800 series from CLAAS feature a wide range of models and engines from 205 to 295 hp and are designed for many different applications.

CLAAS now presents the latest generation of the AXION 800 series with enhanced equipment options and many practical solutions that were initially introduced in the new ARION 600/500 and AXION 900 series. These include the new CEBIS system with colour touch display and CMOTION multifunction control lever, the new CIS+ specification option and air brakes with an air dryer.

Claas Axiom

Claas Axiom

Three equipment options available for the first time

In addition to the proven basic CIS and the new touch-screen CEBIS systems, new AXION 800 models are now available for the first time with CIS+, giving three equipment options. Like CEBIS, the CIS+ system introduced with the new AXION 900, ARION 600 and ARION 500 tractors is extremely user-friendly, offering a high level of convenience with reduced complexity. The features within CIS+ include the CIS colour display and the proven multifunction armrest with ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever and DRIVESTICK to operate the transmission.

New CEBIS system with enhanced convenience

The CEBIS system includes the new, high-resolution CEBIS terminal with 12-inch touch display and the tried and tested ergonomic armrest with CMOTION multifunction control lever for convenient operation of all the main functions using the thumb and first two fingers. The armrest now also offers a total of 10 freely configurable function buttons. Eight of these buttons are on the multifunction control lever and can be configured, for example, with various ISOBUS functions. The intuitive operating structure is based on the existing CEBIS generation and has been further optimised for touch display use. Features include the quick-adjustment facility for frequently-used tractor functions using DIRECT ACCESS, which is operated simply by tapping the machine silhouette on the CEBIS touch display. When working on uneven terrain, all the settings can still be entered using the familiar rotary/push switch with ESC button.

Variable ISO 500-compliant tow hitch support

All tractors in the new AXION 800 series have a universal tow hitch support which conforms to ISO 500. This allows problem-free use of the hitches from the new AXION 900 series tractors and other manufacturers with compatible standards. The tow hitch support also comes as standard with a long mounting rail and a slot for traction devices in the drawbar. Up to six different traction devices can therefore be used. In the drawbar versions, holes in the slot allow adjustment of the distance between the rear axle and attachment point, enabling the driver to change the implement attachment point to suit the current job:

-   Pushed in: enhanced driving comfort, e.g. during road transport with a higher drawbar load as the drawbar load is shifted towards the rear axle

-   Pulled out: reduces the turning radius of the tractor/implement combination, e.g. during field work, by shifting the pivot point backwards

The permissible maximum drawbar load of 4.0 t is therefore fully maintained.

Air brakes with compressed air dryer

The air brakes fitted as standard on all AXION 800 models incorporate an air dryer. Condensation is therefore automatically filtered out of the compressed air before it enters the accumulator, preventing premature corrosion of valves, cylinders and air reservoirs and damage caused by freezing water. This significantly increases the service life and safety of the braking system.

LED light package and new wide-angle mirror

New AXION 800 tractors specified with the CEBIS system are also equipped as standard with LED road lights with signature lighting. This is also available as an option on tractors specified with CIS and CIS+. All models are also fitted as standard with new wide-angle rear-view mirrors, with two independently adjustable fields of view, which provide optimum safety, especially when driving on the road. A leather package for the driver and passenger seat is also available for all models.


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