Humane Slaughter Association to Undertake Livestock Mart Survey

200 years ago this year an important milestone in the history of the UK’s meat and livestock industry was made, with the opening of the first purpose-built livestock market in Hawick, Scotland.

To mark this bicentenary, the Livestock Auctioneers’ Association (LAA) asked the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) to carry out an independent, robust survey of a representative sample of 24 livestock markets across England and Wales to evaluate the animal welfare provisions currently in place. This includes an assessment of resources available to the animals in terms of facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures and management practices, such as implementation of a specific animal welfare policy.


Charles Mason, the HSA’s Technical Director, who will be visiting markets to conduct the survey, said:
“The information from this survey will be used to promote good practice and so help to improve the welfare of animals passing through livestock markets in years to come.”

To date, ten markets have been visited and the aim is to complete the survey visits by April 2018.

Since its foundation over 100 years ago, the HSA has led and/or contributed to major changes in attitudes towards animals. As a direct result of its first visits to livestock markets 90 years ago many improvements were made, such as ramps and gangways to stop the practice of lifting animals by their ears and tails during loading.

Humane Slaughter Association

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