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Focus Prime Lamb Supply Chain Expands

More lamb producers are invited to join Focus Prime, the ground-breaking supply chain initiative launched 12 months ago by lamb processor, 2 Sisters Red Meat in collaboration with Innovis.

The project, which has proved very successful in its first year, is stepping up delivery of a dedicated supply of consistent quality lamb to match specific market requirements and enhance on farm performance off grass.

Focus Prime

The project features Focus Prime, the new performance recorded composite terminal sire developed by Innovis and supported by carcass information from 2 Sisters Red Meat, to deliver enhanced high value carcass traits. An emphasis on increased loin length, eye muscle size and eating quality is being delivered by utilising, modern breeding tools, including DNA markers for and CT scanning.

This season, 160 Focus Prime rams will be offered on a lease agreement to 2 Sisters Red Meat’s lamb suppliers. All progeny sired by Focus Prime rams will be processed initially at the company’s Merthyr Tydfil plant and the results carefully monitored. The offer represents more than double the number of Focus Prime rams made available in 2016. 

“Following on from a year of initial progeny testing, the project has been hugely successful in its first year in terms of take up of rams and their subsequent performance at farm level, whilst on the processing side the scale of the benefits of Focus Prime genetics and their superior carcass traits is still being quantified,” explains Peter Morris, of Spence Cross Consulting who is managing the project as an independent consultant on behalf of 2 Sisters Red Meat.

“Sheep producers have embraced the structured approach to genetics, sheep farming and processing and the ability to scale up the numbers involved. They are also eager to adopt these genetics, at the time the country is scheduling exiting the EU, with an accompanying different model which is focused on enabling sustainable sheep farming businesses to work with reduced management costs,” he said.

“2 Sisters Red Meat subsequently feels in a strong position to commit to extending the work commenced last year with a larger number of rams to clearly demonstrate that this initiative works for the entire supply chain. The project is delivering benefits starting on farm by improving flock performance and efficiency, on the processing line we are witnessing improved uniformity and high value yield distribution throughout the carcass, whilst for consumers, we are enhancing our offer in terms of eating quality.”

Innovis’ chief executive, Dewi Jones continued:
“We have a shared vision with 2 Sisters Red Meat in developing and delivering a supply chain initiative which draws from one of the strongest genetic pools in the world; we are able to provide 2 Sisters Red Meat suppliers with access to some of the very best meat genetics globally available. Focus Prime combines some of the highest quality meat lines that our New Zealand breeding partners, Focus Genetics have created following years of industry led research and development.

“Genetic progress doesn’t stop there. Innovis has the ability to access genomics from global leading New Zealand geneticists, to help us to identify genetically superior sheep as early as possible,” he says adding: “As we continue to progress the initiative with a measured approach, we will be regularly reviewing the breeding platform to ensure it delivers to meet with demand.”

St Merryn

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