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New Additions to Claas Corto Drum Mower Range

Although disc mowers account for the lion’s share of CLAAS UK mower sales, there is still a demand for drum mowers.

In order to offer these customers some of the latest innovations previously only available on the DISCO range, CLAAS has updated its long established CORTO range of drum mowers.

New CORTO 3200 CONTOUR rear mower

New CORTO 3200 CONTOUR rear mower

The latest features include the ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension system, adjustable swathing discs and central pivoting, all of which will result in greater ease-of-use and improved performance, especially in more difficult conditions.

Front mowers
The current CORTO 3200F front mower has now been joined by the new CORTO 310F, which has a working width of 3.05m. The CORTO 310F features three-dimensional ground contour following, resulting in a clean cut and protection of the sward. This system is based on an integrated lateral and longitudinal linkage geometry, which allows the mower to pivot freely for accurate ground contour following.

The CORTO 310F also incorporates a new, simplified process for adjusting the swath discs, making it far easier and quicker to alter the swath width. Where particularly narrows swaths are required, it is also possible to fit a second set of swath discs. Other new features include improved crop flow through the mower and flexible rubber collision protection that prevents damage should an obstacle be hit.

All these improvements have also been incorporated into the current flagship CORTO 3200F, which also features a new design and improved crop flow.

A new option available on both the CORTO 3200F and 310F is the ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension system, which was previously only available on the DISCO disc mower range.

As ground conditions change, ACTIVE FLOAT enables the operator to alter the ground pressure imposed by the mower by transferring the weight of the mower from the ground to the tractor while on the move. This results in improved ground contour following and protection of the sward, and a reduction in soil contamination on rougher ground. Higher forward speeds are also possible and fuel consumption reduced.

New CORTO 3200 CONTOUR rear mower
A new addition to the CORTO range is the CORTO 3200 CONTOUR, which has two large and two small drums giving it a working width of 3.05m and it replaces the current CORTO 310.

The CORTO 3200 CONTOUR is designed so that the main pivot point is at the centre of gravity and this, combined with the ACTIVE FLOAT suspension which is standard, guarantees optimum ground contour following across all terrain.

In the event of a collision with an obstacle, the breakback protection system incorporates an angled pivot point so that the mower body is lifted up and over the obstacle. The belt drive also acts to cushion peak loads, so avoiding damage to the drive train.

To aid ease-of-use, the design of the new CORTO 3200 CONTOUR includes standard features such as double link-arm guides and KENNFIXX grips on the hydraulic hoses to make hitching as easy as possible. For transport, the mower is carried at 120 degrees so as to provide optimum weight distribution and enhanced visibility to the rear.

Options include hydraulic locking of the mower when in the transport position, in place of a cable, and a parking frame is also available that allows the CORTO to be stored in the transport position. Where space is tight, this frame is also available with castor rollers to enable the mower and frame to be rolled into the final storage space.

In addition to the new CORTO 3200 CONTOUR, CLAAS has also updated the smaller CORTO 190 rear drum mower, which has a working width of 1.85m. New user-friendly features include folding protective covers on both sides, mechanical breakback protection and a parking stand.

Optional features include spring suspension to reduce wear and tear and ensure improved ground contour following, plus hydraulic headland lift for an improved lift height.

These new additions to the CORTO drum mower range will be displayed for the first time at Agritechnica and be available from next year.


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