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Mini EID Button makes Tagging Lambs from Birth Viable

A new lightweight mini button tag with EID compatibility has been launched by Allflex, enabling flock managers to take full advantage of the management benefits of EID especially when tagging lambs at birth.

Trialled for two years on a commercial sheep farm in Leicestershire, the new Allflex Mini EID Button tag is 2g lighter and 2mm smaller compared to previous EID buttons. Put another way – the diameter of a 10p coin and the weight of a 5p coin.

Tagged lamb

Tagging lambs from birth enables flock managers to make informed breeding and marketing decisions.

“The small size and light weight of the Mini EID Button makes the new tag especially suitable for use in the smallest of newly born lamb’s ears,” explains Helen Sheppard, Sales Manager at Allflex UK Group Ltd. “This allows flock managers to take full advantage of the benefits of EID tagging from day one of the lamb’s life or when tagged at the “first draft” breeding decisions stage, enabling farmers to make informed breeding decisions based on data gathered throughout the animal’s entire life.”

Used in conjunction with electronic weighing equipment and an EID tag reader, the new tags can be used to accurately and quickly record flock performance data: information such as daily live weight gains, lameness and disease records can be used to maximise flock performance and to ensure animals are marketed at the correct weight. They can also be used to maintain 100% accurate movement records throughout the animal’s life.

The new tags also boast excellent retention rates: “Contrary to what a lot of people might think, round tags, especially those as small as the Allflex Mini EID Button, are less likely to get snagged on foreign objects and are therefore less likely to be pulled out of the ear,” Helen explains.

“This not only cuts the risk of ear infections, but also reduces the need for replacement tags to be applied, thereby minimising stress for the animal. It also makes it easier for commercial farmers and pedigree breeders to maintain accurate performance records for each individual animal throughout its entire life.

“As long as button tags are placed well into the ear with the female part located on the inside, button tags can be as reliable as any other shape or type of tag,” Helen continues. “Information is king and, as such, the ability to monitor real-time growth rates, identify diseases or pinpoint key aspects of animal performance, is more important than ever.”


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