Oro Agri Offers Late Blight Solutions to Potato Growers

In May ORO AGRI International sponsored the EuroBlight 2017 Workshop for the first time and presented a paper in the “Control Strategies” session chaired by Huub Schepers from Wageningen University and Research.

The workshop, organized by EuroBlight, the potato late blight network in Europe, took place in Aarhus, Denmark and was attended by 109 people. The main objective of the event was to present and discuss results on integrated control of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) and early blight (Alternaria infestans).

Potato Blight

Tim Buchheim, ORO AGRI Business Development and Technical Support Manager, highlighted how two of the company’s products could offer – New possibilities in late blight control. “PREV-AM, our flagship product, is a multipurpose insecticide and fungicide containing the active substance orange oil,” explains Tim. “It is ideal for use in Integrated Pest Management programs and is currently under development to include additional targets, such as early blight and late blight. Greenhouse trials on potatoes, undertaken in 2016 /2017, have been very encouraging.”

PREV-AM works by disrupting the protective hydrophobic layers of insects and fungi which results in desiccation of the target. Being compatible with most plant protection products it can be tank mixed to improve the contact mode of action resulting in rapid knock-down. As orange oil is exempt from MRLs, treatments may be applied close to harvest. It is also safe for use with beneficial organisms so can be used as part of biological programs for organic potato production. Current studies show PREV-AM as a potential solution for copper programs which are under environmental pressure.

“Our other key product is the adjuvant WETCIT which incorporates TransPhloem technology,” says Tim. “While providing excellent spreading at lower dose rates, at an increased rate WETCIT also functions to provide fast translocation of the active ingredients of tank mix partners from the leaf surface to the leaf petiole within 15 minutes, therefore providing excellent rainfastness.”

Trials were conducted, in cooperation with Agrifirm, in The Netherlands in 2016. In the trials the efficacy of standard agrochemical spray programs for the control of Potato Late Blight were tested for efficacy with and without WETCIT.

The program included the following:

  • five treatments of mandipropamid (250 g/litre);

  • four treatments of propamocarb + fluopicolide (625 + 62.5 g/litre);

  • one treatment of cyazofamid (160 g/litre), to which WETCIT was not added.

The trial results revealed that by adding 0.25% WETCIT to the tank mix there were significant decreases in infestation and leaf damage by as much as 66%.

“The trial results on potatoes have been very encouraging for both PREV-AM and WETCIT,” said Tim. “Both have shown that they have real potential to help control potato late blight in both conventional and organic potato production. PREV-AM is offering good preventative action by delaying the development of late blight, whilst WETCIT has shown that it is an ideal tool in traditional spray programs for maximising the efficacy of spray products.”

“The EuroBlight 2017 Workshop was an ideal event for ORO AGRI to attend and support as a sponsor. We look forward to supporting it again when it is held in Cambridge, UK, in 2019,” concludes Tim.

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