Online Resource Aims to Improve Returns from Forage

An innovative and easily accessible online education resource offering best practice knowledge on a range of forage management topics has been launched by Germinal at Grassland & Muck.

Called G-Source, the digital platform is responsive across all handheld and desktop devices for use in-field, from the farm office or at home.



G-Source is launched with 11 core guides covering areas such as reseeding grassland, improving soil fertility and growing forage brassicas. Information is presented as video animations, printable infographics or extended information text guides.

G-Source also has a library of expert advice videos called G-Talks from leading spokespeople in the industry, including the team at Germinal. G-Talks will be updated regularly and built into a comprehensive resource that a farmer, student or farm worker can tap into when seeking advice to help maximise returns from forage.

“From our own Forage Use Survey in 2016 and wider industry insight, we know that there are lost opportunities to make better use of homegrown feed resources,” says Ben Wixey, National Agricultural Sales Manager for Germinal GB. “Our survey of 550 livestock farmers tells us that reseeding rates are way below what would be required to achieve optimum performance from grassland, and use of alternative forages remains limited. One of the main reasons given for not making better use of homegrown forage is a lack of knowledge, so we have created G-Source to help bridge the gap. G-Source is designed help livestock farmers increase their use of homegrown forage, and ultimately drive down their costs of production.”

G-Source currently includes the following practical guides:

1. The best way to reseed grassland

2. Improving soil fertility

3. Improving soils through pH and liming

4. Making quality silage

5. Maximising grazed grass in the diet

6. Growing and managing white clover

7. Growing and managing red clover

8. Growing hybrid forage brassica

9. Maximising returns from growing lucerne

10. Getting the most out of chicory

11. Getting the most out of plantain


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