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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 46 cattle, 616 prime lambs, 3,579 prime hoggs and 3,473 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 25th May 2017.


Light to 204.0p (193.8p)
Medium to 224.0p (214.7p)
Heavy to 223.0p (219.9p)

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 215.0p (209.6p)
Heavy to 232.0p (209.1p)

To 210.0p (208.1p)

Light to 237.0p (221.9p)
Standard to 300.0p (237.4p)
Medium to 281.0p (247.0p)
Heavy to 264.0p (238.6p)
Overweight 209.0p (172.4p)

Light to 220.0p (193.8p)
Standard to 221.0p (201.0p)
Medium to 242.0p (204.9p)
Heavy to 238.0p (198.1p)

Shearlings 241.0p (174.0p)

Light to £78.00 (£50.30)
Heavy to £148.00 (£81.60)

Rams £150.00 (£79.60)

An excellent show of 46 cattle comprising of 19 OTM’s, 4 prime bulls and 23 prime cattle were forward on Thursday. The nine buyers operating at ringside competed fiercely for everything and as ever more can easily be sold to vendor’s advantage.

OTM’s – Sale averages 141.6p per kilo - Good entry! Fying trade! More needed!

The heading says it all, a wonderful show topped by a superb wagon load of fed cows from Harry and Geoff Gass which topped the sale at 187p twice for a Blue x and a Limousin x, to average 181.4p for the full load. Whitebred Shorthorns sold to 148p from well known breeder Gordon Jackson. Dairy were a short entry and sold to 119p from the James family. Heavyweight cows sold to £1,357.80 from Nunscleugh with others to £1,309 from the same home.

Bulls: A short entry sold to 210p twice for Limousin x from Drew Taylor. Top price per head £1,281 from Low Plains.

Longtown cattle ring

Prime cattle: Drew and Brian’s consignment of heavyweight cattle averaged 222p.

An entry dominated by weight sold extremely well topping at 232p for a sweet Limousin heifer from Dashwell Green and purchased by M W Wharton, Blackbrow. Other heifers sold to 220p from Low Plains. Steers all 670 kilos plus and sold to 224p from Dashwell Green, with the majority 218-222p. Trade of the day could have been the Belted Galloway steer from Richard which realised 204p.

Farmers: Buyer strength at ringside could easily handle 60-70 cattle, let’s not disappoint.

Remember maximum commission on cows, bulls and clean £30 per head.

A tremendous show of both numbers and quality of spring lambs were forward today for the Annual Show and Sale, where an entry of 616 head met an excellent trade for all weight ranges and topping at £132 for the Champion single lamb from J Marshall, Hermitage bought by RJ Harrison Butchers, Wigton. Top price per kilo was 300p for the third prize pair of lambs from G Brough, Old Rectory. The show was ably judged by Mr Stephen Stoddart who expertly made the following awards:



1st & Reserve – Marshall, Hermitage – 42kg £118 to S. Stoddart

2nd – Brough, Old Rectory – 37kg £100 to S. Stoddart

3rd – Brough, Old Rectory – 39kg £107 to S. Stoddart


1st & Champion – Marshall, Hermitage – 50kg £132 to R. J Harrison

2nd – Brough, Old Rectory – 42kg £118 to M. Lomax

3rd – Brough, Old Rectory – 41kg £108 to S. Stoddart

Many more lambs required each week and farmers are encouraged to sell even at lighter weight whilst trade remains buoyant.


Texel 300p Old Rectory, 281p Hermitage, 274p, 270p, 267p Old Rectory, 266p Johnstone Bank, 264p Hermitage & Cleughbrae, 263p Hermitage & Colinton Mains, 262p Low Hallburn & Old Rectory, 259p Staffler, 258p Braithwaite Hall.

Suffolk 257p Brownleazes, 256p Creca Hall, 255p Spawell, 254p Kimmeter Green, 248p Sceugh Dyke, 243p Upper Senwick, Staffler & The Wreay, 242p Kimmeter Green, 241p Creca Hall, 237p Spoutbank & Shawhill, 233p Westend & Low Hallburn.

Charollais 251p Creca Hall, 250, 248p Oakdene, 239p Sceugh Dyke, 239p, 235p Oakdene, 225p, 216p Springfield, 209p Boldron.

Zwartble 206p Evistones.

Cross 200p Airds of Balcary.

Swaledale 182p Morley Hill.


Texel £132 Hermitage, £127 Spawell, £121 Braithwite Hall, £119 Greenbrae, £118 Old Rectory & Hermitage, £116 Cleughbrae & Braithwaite Hall, £115 Greenbrae, £113 Waterside, The Wreay & Hermitage, £111 Greenwrae, £110 Colinton Mains.

Charollais £122, £117, £115 Oakdene, £108 Creca Hall, £105 Sceugh Dyke, £104 Oakdene.

Suffolk £120, £116 Spawell, £115 Mossband Hall, £115, £111 Creca Hall, £109 Sceugh Dyke, £108 Brown Leazes, £107 Westend, £104 Kimmeter Green, £102 Staffler, £100 Glebelands, £97 Kimmeter Green, The Wreay, Spoutbank & Upper Senwick.

Zwartble £106, £103 Evistones.

A tremendous show for the end of May of 3,579 prime hoggs were forward to a busy ring of buyers all keen for sheep. With small numbers of hoggs around in most other centres, the selection on offer allowed buyers the chance to purchase in volume. Well fleshed hoggs in all weight ranges realised recent high rates and remain keenly sought after especially heavyweight hoggs. The sale topped at £126 for an excellent pen of heavyweight Texel hoggs from Messrs Clark, Steilston which scaled at 54kg. Mr Clark’s run of 106 hoggs averaged £118.91. Top price per kilo was 242p for Texels from Messrs Shankland, East Raffles. Overall sale average 199.6ppk (SQQ 200.4ppk).


Texel 242p East Raffles, 238p Steilston, 232p Lairdlaugh, 229p Low Knockrioch, 228p Castle Farm & Keepershield, 227p Low Knockrioch, 222p Millriggs, 221p Steilston, 220p Keepershield, High Stenries & Cubby Hill, 218p Hallbankgate.

Beltex 241p Lairdlaugh, 224p Heathery Hall, 216p Hallbankgate, 202p Eastside, 200p Johnstone Bank.

Suffolk 224p Keepershield, 221p Hyde Park, 214p McMurdo Road, 211p Keepershield, 206p North Boig, 205p Dalvore, 204p Hassendeanburn & North Boig, 203p Millriggs, 200p Branxholm Braes, Kirtleton House, Bidlake & Hyde Park.

Charollais 224p Low Knockrioch, 212p, 207p, 195p Moss Side.

Hill Cheviot 218p Heathery Hall, 215p North Shortcleugh, 213p Whins, 210p West Scales, Sowerby Wood, Hallbankgate & Hyde Park, 208p North House, 207p Kilfinnan, 206p Whins, 205p Lymiecleugh, Whins & Girnwood, 204p McMurdo Road & Bidlake.

Continental 218p Whiteside, 209p Hyde Park, 204p, 202p Whiteside, 200p Hyde Park.

Bleu du Maine 217p Braithwaite Hall.

Blackface 214p Drumreach, 214p, 213p Heathery Hall, 213p, 211p Whiteside, 211p West Scales & North Boig, 210p Langholm, & Skyehead, 209p Upper Hindhope, 209p, 208p West Scales, 207p Sykehead, 206p Syart & West Scales.

Easycare 209p Castle Farm.

Greyface 208p Heathery Hall, 202p Cranberry Brow, 195p Drumreach & Eastside, 189p Broomhills, 185p North Boig, 182p Ochreland & Beyond the Moss, 180p Baraskomel.

Cheviot Mule 200p Ericstane.

Swaledale 200p Marygate, 193p Sykehead.

North Country Cheviot 198p Ericstane.


Texel £126, £124 Steilston, £124 Mossband Hall, £123 Cubby Hill, £122 Millriggs & Hermitage, £121 Millriggs, £117 Powheads, £116 Lairdlaugh, £115 Heathery Hall & Middle Shipley, £114 Broomhills & Keepershield.

Suffolk £122 Millriggs & Kirtleton House, £119 Millriggs, £118 Whitegates, £114, £110 Keepershield, £107 McMurdo Road, £106 Broom Park, & Sykehead, £102 Eastside, £100 Kirtleton House & Hassendeanburn.

Hill Cheviot £118 Lymiecleugh, £114 North Shortcleugh, £105 Whins, £104 North Shortcleugh, £103 Lymiecleugh, £100 Branxholm Braes, Broom Park & Longburgh Fauld.

Cheviot Mule £114 Ericstane.

Charollais £113, £104 Moss Side, £103 Low Knockrioch.

North Country Cheviot £110, £108, £100 North House, £98, £93 Ericstane.

Beltex £110 Heathery Hall, £99 Lairdlaugh.

Bleu du Maine £102 Braithwaite Hall.

Blackface £98 Meggethead, £97 Syart, £96 Sceugh Dyke, £93 West Scales, £92 Winterhopeburn, £91 Sykehead, £86 Arnicle, £84 Sykehead & Langholm, £83 Heathery Hall.

Easycare £94 Castle Farm.

Greyface £89.50 Heathery Hall, £89 Beyond the Moss, £86 West Scales, £85 Peasemyres & Cranberry Brow, £80 Eastside, Nilston Rigg & Keepershield, £78 Drumreach, £77 Bayldon & Finney Green.

Swaledale £80 Peasemyres.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar show of 3,473 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of customers, with all classes £3-4 dearer on the week especially hill ewes and plain ewes. Over fat easing each week with rams realising high rates. Sale topped at £150 for Texel rams from Hassendeanburn, Hawick with ewes to £148 for Texel ewes from Beckfoot.


Texel £148 Beckfoot, £147 Victoria Road, £142 the Wreay, £139 Chaseside, £138 Mirkbooths, Grassmainston, Catslackburn & Loughrigg, £136 Greenaton, £136, £134 Loughrigg, £134 Braithwaite Hall & Golden Lane, £133 The Wreay, £130 Upper Senwick & Colinton Mains, £129 Catslackburn, £128 Chaseside, North Cowshaw & Loughrigg.

Charollais £138 Springfield, £128 Chaseside, £127 Beckfoot, £115 The Wreay, £114, £109 Springfield, £104 Barend.

Suffolk £126 Loughrigg, £118 Beckfoot, £107 Hyde Park, Chaseside & Beckfoot, £106 Cleughbrae, £105 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £104 Sowerby Wood, £103 Wellington Farm, £102 Beckfoot, £100 Greenaton, £98 Chaseside, £97 Camelford, £96 The Wreay & Marygate, £95 Broom Park.

Bleu du Mains £100 Viewley, £98 Glebelands.

Half-bred £95, £94 Broom Park.

North Country Cheviot £90 Broom Park, £88 Damside, £87 Airds of Balcary, £83 Camelford, £82 Greenaton & Balgray Hill, £81 Hyde Park & Ericstane, £79 Whitton.

Blue Faced Leicester £89 Brownleazes, £81 Crossdykes, £80 Whintingstown, Whitton & Beckfoot, £79 Harehead.

Zwartble £86 Holmlea.

Greyface £81 Broom Park, £79 Broomhills & Stemster, £78 Tinnishall, Broom Park & Brown Leazes, £77 Lyne Villa & Powheads, £76 Whitton & Lanehead, £75 Nilston Rigg, £74 Camelford & Eastside, £73 Balgray Hill, High Floweryhirst & Greenaton, £72, £71 Broomhills, £71 Aldenstone & Clonrae.

Cheviot Mule £77 Meifod, £76 Lyneholm, £75 High Stenries, £74 Balgray Hill & Broom Park.

Romney £60 Camelford, £55 Hallrule Mill.


Blackface £78 Glendouran, £73, £71 Collin Bank, £68 Brownleazes, Burnhouse & Eastside, £65 West Scales, £63 Ochreland & Cranberry Brow, £62 Clonrae & Nilston Rigg, £61 Harehead, £59 Middle Shipley, £58 Poltalloch & Clonrae.

Hill Cheviot £74, £72 Branxholm Braes, £69 Crossdykes, £68 Millfield Demesne, £64 Spittal Mains, £63 Low Trifergus & Commonside, £60 Girnwood, £58 Rhoin, £57 Broom Park, £53 Hyde Park, £51 Branxholm Braes, £50 Girnwood & Ericstane.

Lleyn £65 Sharpitlaw, £63 Sloda Hill, £59 Whitegates, £55 Godscroft.

Easycare £65 Godscroft, £60 Castle Farm.

Swaledale £60 Whitton, £57 Morley Hill, £56 Bayldon, £52 Whitton, £49 Newbiggin, £48 Peasemyres, £46 Morley Hill, £45 Bayldon.

Jacob £56 Upper Gelshfield.


Texel £150 Hassendeanburn, £132 Eastside, £124 Chaseside, £118 Marygate, £112 Viewley, £110 Low Knockrioch, Auchengray & Cubby Hill, £102 East Mitchelltown.

Suffolk £124 Hassendeanburn & Middle Shipley, £112 Marygate, £108 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £118 Edenhall, £104 Whitton.

Blue Faced Leicester £100 Brownleazes, £96 Whitton, £92 Bayldon.

Charollais £94 Smallholms.

Cheviot £89 Carlenrigg, £80 Commonside.

Blackface £80 Meggethead, £79 Brownleazes, £78 Edenhall, £75 Glendouran.

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