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Krone AX Models now Available with Silage Extensions

The new range of Krone AX forage wagons stands out for a modern styling and a larger number of options.

For example, the Krone AX 280 and AX 310 can now be specified with silage extensions in addition to the existing and well-proven collapsible full-steel extensions. In terms of external appearances, the AX resembles RX and its sleek styling.

Krone AX

KRONE AX forage wagons now offer the option of silage sides

The machines gather the crop with the well-proven pickup which has been updated with a number of new elements. Its tines are arranged in the patented W-line which ensures uniform crop distribution across the full width of the rotor cutter and makes for an exemplary quality of cut. The chain-and-slat floor slopes 100mm to the front reducing the distance the crop has to cover on its way into the machine and thereby the power input. As another advantage, it prevents the material – especially dry crops – being squeezed.

Operating at an actual work width of 1,800mm (to DIN 11220), the camless pick-up makes short work of wide swaths especially in curved lines whilst boosting ride comfort.

The AX cut-and-feed rotor combines the benefits of a traditional rotor feeder and a swing arm feeder. Spaced 45cm apart and plated with 25mm Hardox steel, the 32 blades provide a perfect cutting quality (nominal 45mm lengths of cut) whilst minimising input power.

Another useful detail is the blade cassette, which folds down, pulls out and swings to the side as the operator presses a control on the left machine side. He no longer needs to walk around the machine to lock and unlock the cassette on both sides.

More pluses are offered by the AX HL and HD versions where the headboard top folds hydraulically out of the way for easier filling whilst travelling behind the forager. Last, the enclosed chassis along with sloping mudguards and a sloping deck minimize crop loss in dual-purpose applications.

Summary: Krone presents yet another exciting forage wagon version - the new AX with silage extensions. Offering the choice of top or bottom filling, AX offers greater flexibility and productivity especially where the machine is used by machinery rings and contractors.


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