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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,297 prime hoggs and 5,007 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 23rd February 2017.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 215.0p (202.0p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 250.0p (170.8p)
Standard to 243.0p (175.6p)
Medium to 262.0p (176.3p)
Heavy to 183.0p (157.7p)

Light to £63.00 (£37.18)
Heavy to £160.00 (£70.81)

Cast Rams £124.00 (£66.93)

A small entry of cattle as the proposed inclement weather stopped several vendors from attending. Clive and Harry Houldey topped the OTM’s with a tremendous Simmental cow at 160p, with others to 134p. Black and whites sold to 100p or an out of parlour cow from Neil Imrie. Top price per head was £1,328 for a Continental from Waterbeck.

Longtown cattle ring

Clean cattle were all heifers and topped at 215p for a Limousin from James Taylor, sisters sold to 214p and 203p.

A smaller show of 4,297 prime hoggs were forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers, with trade very similar on the week, although export hoggs and best quality hoggs would be sharper. Many more best hoggs are required to feed the growing demand in Longtown. Sale topped at 263p for an outstanding pen of Beltex hoggs from first time consignor Messr J B Smith, Bankend, Kinross and top price per head of £110 for five tremendous Beltex hoggs from Miss L Kennedy, Whitehill Cottage. Sale averaged 169p (SQQ 175.5p).


Beltex 263p Bankhead, 262p Whitehill Cottage, 244p Hollands, 243p Whitehill Cottage, 241p Uppercleuch, 233p Bankhead, 231p Hollands, 218p Strath.

Texel 251p Kilnhill, 250p Burray, 241p Drumcairn, 238p Little Galla, 237p Nether Stenries, 231p Sharplaw & Little Galla, 230p Kimmeter Green, 225p Drumcairn, 223p Conon Brae, 217p Kirk House.

Charollais 215p Conon Brae, 178p Brydekirk Mains, 174p Sceugh Dyke, 170p Wynholm.

Suffolk 197p Kimmeter Green, 179p Eastside & Shield Green, 174p Glenehervie, Sceugh Dyke, High Cattadale & Tinnishall, 173p Shield Green, 171p Glenehervie & Micklethwaite.

Cheviot 188p Burnside, 185p Pasture House, 183p Burnside, 179p Over Blainslie, 178p Pouton, 174p Lingland.

North Country Cheviot 186p Lurgan, 186p Baligill, 182p Nether Stenries & Clerk Hill, 181p South Slipperfield.

Blackface 181p South Slipperfield, 180p, 179p West Scales, 175p, 173p Pasture House, 173p Longyester, 172p Low Trifergus & Sceugh Dyke.

Cross 180p Moorhills, 179p Glenehervie, 169p Killiegruer, 168p South Slipperfield & Glenehervie, 167p Pasture House & High Cattadale, 165p Killiegruer, 162p Blackburn.

Lleyn 172p, 171p Hemplands.

Cheviot Mule 161p Little Galla, 160p Marwhirn & Longburgh Fauld.

Swaledale 161p Low Stoke, 154p Newbiggin, 152p Roachburn, 151p Newbiggin & Low Stokoe.


Beltex £110 Whitehill Cottage, £102.50 Bankhead, £100, £97 Hollands, £96 Strath, £90 Whitehill Cottage & Wood Farm.

Texel £103 Kilnhill, £102 Falla, £99, £94 Drumcairn, £93 Little Galla, £91 Kirk House, £90 Sharplaw, Mindork & Nether Stenries.

Suffolk £90 Blackhaugh, £86 Micklethwaite, £84 Pasture House, £83 Leaona Villa & Oswie, £82 Ifferdale & Micklethwaite.

Charollais £88 Conon Brae, £79 Burray, £78.50 Roanstree, £77 Allfornaught, £74 Roanstree, £71.50 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot £83.50 Over Blainslie, £76 Sceugh Dyke, £75 Burray, £73 Mainside, £70 Patties Hill.

North Country Cheviot £83, £80 Potholm, £80 Mount Benger, £77 Whiteknowe, £75 Oswie & Clerk Hill.

Cross £81 Moorhills, £78 Allfornaught, £76 Yonderton, £75, £74.50 West Scales, £75 Wood Farm, £74 Pouton.

Blackface £81 Uppercleuch, £79 Yatesfield, £75 Meggethead, Mount Benger & Yatesfield, £74 West Scales & Cramalt, £73.50 New Clachan, £72 Eastside & Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £72 Longburgh Fauld, £70 Gilmanscleugh, £69, £67 Marwhirn.

Swaledale £70 Roachburn, £69 Newbiggin, £67.50 Low Stokoe.

Longtown sheep ring

A larger show of 5,007 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of customers. Heavy ewes and best quality ewes remained at recent high rates, whilst hill ewes were a pound or two easier on the week especially the smaller end, with a lot of ewes lacking flesh. Many more strong ewes are required and rams remain steady.

Sale topped at £160 for a pen of wonderful Texel ewes from Beckfoot. Hill ewes sold to £63 for an outstanding pen of Newton Stewart Blackies from regular consignor Messrs Wallace, Fingland. Rams to £124 for Charollais from Beckfoot.


Texel £160 Beckfoot, £140 Hollins, Falla & Chaseside, £135 Belstane, £134 Hollins, £132 Little Galla, £131 Falla, £124 Gelston Castle, £117 Chaseside & Sunnycroft, £116 Courthill, £115 Chaseside & Heatherglen.

Beltex £125 Whitehill Cottage.

Charollais £108 Pastures View & Beckfoot, £102 Dunnabie House, £100 Chaseside, Heatherglen & Beckfoot, £90 Chaseside, £89 Kimmeter Green.

Suffolk £118 High Hall, £114 Eastside, £108 Tredwen Barton, £101 Pastures View, £100 Eastside, Durran Mains & Whins, £98 Chaseside, £96 Beckfoot & Eastside, £95 Falla, £94 Beckfoot & Pastures View.

North Country Cheviot £84 Durran Mains, £83 Carruthers, £81 Beckfoot, £79, £77 Carruthers, £76 Douglas Hall, £75 Chaseside.

Cheviot Mule £81 Eastside, £74 Yonderton, £72 West Hall Farm.

Blue Leicester £95 Eastside, £82 Arnicle, £80 Yonderton.

Half-bred £91, £85 Pastures View.

Cross £76 Greengatehouse, £75 Bankhead, £74 Duncrievie, £73 Skinnet, Brackenthwaite & Yonderton, £71 Newbigging, £69 Skinnet, £68 Butterbeer Cross & Eastside.


Blackface £63 Fingland, £61 Eastside, £57 Millriggs, £56 Clydeside, £55 East Greenridge, £54 Eastside & Balliemeanoch, £52 Yatesfield, £51 Allfornaught, £50 Eastside.

Lleyn £58 Allfornaught.

Cheviot £57 Clerk Hill, £56 Yonderton, £54 Twiselhope, £52 Allfornaught, £51 Breconside, £50 Barsalloch, £48 Priesthaugh, £47 Twislehope, Carterton & Allfornaught.

Easycare £49 Carterton, £48 Blackhaugh.

Swaledale £39 Archerbeck, £38 Spittal Shields & Chapel, £37 Roachburn, £36 East Grenridge, £35 Tister.


Charollais £124 Beckfoot.

Texel £120 Yatesfield, £108 Gelston Castle & Yonderton, £97 Dilston Haugh, £96 Marygate.

Suffolk £114 Yonderton, £94 Seat Hill & Lords Lot, £91 Longyester & Barsalloch.

Beltex £100 Yonderton.

Blue Leicester £88 Yatesfield, £85 D’Mainholm, £84 Eastside.

North Country Cheviot £79 Baligill.

Blackface £77 Yatesfield, £68 New Clachan, £66 Mount Benger.

Cheviot £66 Bedshiel, £60 Mount Benger.

longtown mart

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