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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 26 cattle, 5,612 prime hoggs and 4,440 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 16th February 2017.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 207.0p (207.0p)

Light to 194.0p (189.5p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to 210.0p (210.0p)

Light to 215.0p (164.7p)
Standard to 268.0p (172.7p)
Medium to 251.0p (173.0p)
Heavy to 210.0p (159.1p)

Light to £69.00 (£39.00)
Heavy to £140.00 (£77.86)

Cast Rams £126.00 (£71.62)

The company held its weekly primestock sale of cattle where 26 head were forward.

OTM’s: Clive Houldey’s wagon of cow’s average 164.5p

Quality everywhere in the entry and with bids coming from all corners, trade was exceptional throughout the sale. A pure Simmental cow from Clive and Harry Houldey topped the sale at 175p, grossing £1,120.40, others sold to 154p from the same home. Limousin x from Peter Lee sold to 137p with British Blue x and to 134p also from Peter. Top price per head was £1178.10 from Waterbeck for a Simmental. A Galloway stock bull from Messrs Elliot, Burnfoot of Ewes sold to 124p, grossing £1,165.60.

Longtown cattle ring

Clean cattle were a small entry and sold to a top of 210p for a Limousin heifer from Mr Jardine, The Yett. Top price per head was £1,428.30 for an outstanding heavyweight British Blue steer from The Yett.

As ever more are needed to supply demand. Remember maximum commission £30. Sell live and thrive.

Another large show of 5,612 prime hoggs were forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers. A lesser show for quality with more horned hoggs and heavyweight hoggs on offer, best export hoggs remain dear with standard export hoggs easier on the week. Heavyweight hoggs sold at recent rates, with lightweight hoggs, especially under 34kg in stronger demand. Many more quality hoggs required to fulfill demand.

Sale topped at 268p for great pens of Beltex hoggs from Ann Little, Hollands and Messrs Nixon, Oakwood, Selkirk and top price per head of £109 for Beltex from Tony Gribbon, Waterside, Dumfries. Sale averaged 168.3p (SQQ 172p).


Beltex 268p, 267p Hollands, 268p, 261p Oakwood, 251p Mains of Machermore, 250p Hollands, 247p Lurgan, 244p Hollands & Wood Farm, 239p High Greenhill.

Texel 263p Oakwood, 262p Braithaite Hall, 251p, 250p Conon Brae, 249p Braithwaite Hall, 245p Gallowberry, 244p High Stenries, 238p Gallowberry, 235p Pearsby Hall, 232p Finnieness, 231p Bombie, 230p Byreburnside, 228p Conon Brae, 226p Forget-me-not, 225p Finnieness.

Blackface 200p, 191p Holm of Daltallochan, 179p Sorbie & Easter Dawyck, 176p Clonrae & Glenshanna, 175p, 173p Haliburton, 173p Clonrae.

Charollais 190p Allfornaught, 187p Tinnishall, 174p Greenburn, 172p Sceugh Dyke & Riggheads, 171p Wham Head, 170p Maryholm.

Cheviot 188p Cadgillhead, 181p Mid Harrietsfield, 180p Thomas Telford Road.

Suffolk 187p Upper Gelshfield, 180p Braithwaite Hall, 178p Woodfoot, 177p Drumyeonmore, 176p Sceugh Dyke, 174p High Glen Triplock, 173p Millriggs & Bleatarn, 172p Woodfoot.

North Country Cheviot 186p, 180p Macharioch, 179p Twislehope, 178p Woodfoot & Lurgan, 176p Drumyeonmore, 174p, 172p Woodfoot.

Cross 170p, 169p Allfornaught, 169p Copperthorns, 167p Gallowberry & Dalton, 166p Mackilston, 164p Kirkhaugh, 163p Wood Farm, 161p Pitland Hills & Nunscleugh.

Cheviot Mule 168p Solwaybank, 166p Mains of Machermore, 165p Longburgh Fauld, 164p Riggheads, 162p Longburgh Fauld, 160p Mains of Machermore.

Swaledale 162p High Wreay, 156p Kirkhaugh, 154p Copperthorns & Woodhall.


Beltex £109 Waterside, £105 Wood Farm, £104 Hollands, £103 Wood Farm, £100 Hollands, £99.50 Oakwood, £99 Sorbie & Hollands.

Texel £103 Conon Brae, £102 Finnieness, £100 Oakwood & Conon Brae, £97 Braithwaite Hall, Bombie & Finnieness, £96 Wood farm, £95 Pearsby Hall.

Suffolk £93 High Glen Triplock, £88, £87 Oswie, £86.50 Millriggs, £85 Twislehope, £84 Sceugh Dyke & Ashley Park, £83 Killiegruer & Bleatarn.

Charollais £91 Allfornaught, £90 Wester Parkgate, £80 Ashley Park, £78.50 Tinnishall, £77 Sceugh Dyke, £76.50 Woodfoot, £75 Maryholm.

Cheviot £86.50 Bryndansi, £75 Whitecroft Mains, £74 Maidencots, £73 Mainside, £72 Woodfoot, £70 Allfornaught, £68 Woodfoot & Mainside.

Cheviot Mule £84, £81 Longburgh Fauld, £75 Mains of Machermore, £74 Riggheads, £73 Ericstane.

North Country Cheviot £83 Waterside, £78 Twislehope, £76.50 Woodfoot, £75.50 Macharioch, £75 Twislehope, £74 Fenwick, £72 Twislehope, Ericstane & North House.

Cross £78 Newtown, Mackilston & Oswie, £76 Allfornaught & Braithwaite Hall, £75 Wood Farm, Allfornaught & Dalton.

Blackface £78 Wanwood Hill, £77.50 Glenshanna, £75 Sceugh Dyke, £74 Maryholm, £73 Glenshanna & Barlaes, £72 Lurgan & Carterhope.

Swaledale £68 High Wreay, £64 Kirkhaugh, £62 High Parkfoot.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar show of 4,440 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of customers, with all classes similar on the week. Best ewes short of requirements and remain dear. Top end hill ewes were sharper. Export type horned ewes as previous, and plain ewes dearer. Rams maintained recent rates.

Sale topped at £140 for Texel ewes from Beckfoot. Rams to £126 for Texels from M Watson, Four o Boot.


Texel £140 Beckfoot, £138 Mains of Machermore, £137 Eastside, £135 Great Orton, £133 Chaseside, £130 Byreburnside & Carran, £129 Blairshinnoch & Eastside, £127 Broomlea, £126 Heatherglen, £124 Carran, £122, £119 Eastside, £118 Laws Hall, £116 East Kirk, Eastside & Myrelandhorn, £115 Newbigging.

Beltex £130 Braithwaite Hall, £125 Middle Farm, £122 The Wreay, £104 Beckfoot.

Charollais £106 Chaseside, £101 Beckfoot, £98 Maryholm, £89 Wester Parkgate.

Suffolk £102 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £100 Wester Middleton, £99 Eastside, £98 Chaseside & Braithwaite Hall, £96 Chaseside, £95 Knowe, Heatherglen & Beckfoot, £94 Wester Middleton & Sceugh Dyke.

Zwartble £98 Bogra.

North Country Cheviot £95 Parcelstown, £93 Myrelandhorn, £92 Fenwick, £88 Millriggs, £85 Myrelandhorn, £84 Heatherglen, £81 Satchells, £80 Brockhouse & Skinnet.

Cheviot Mule £95 Wester Middleton, £88 Haithwaite, £84 Bombie, £83 Pityot, £81 Desoglin, £79 Achamore.

Blue Leicester £92 Newbigging, £90 Clonrae, £89 Eastside & Easter Dawyck, £83 Sheepriggs.

Half-bred £91 New Hummerbeck.

Cross £80 Wester Middleton, £78 Oswie, £78, £76 Eastside, £75 Bleatarn, Wester Middleton & Bombie, £74 Clonrae & Haithwaite, £73 Castletown.

Romney £70, £64 Viewfield.


Lleyn £69 Whitcastles, £53 Castle Creavie, £47 Pityot.

Blackface £64, £63 Eastside, £62 Greensburn, £57 Henderland & Croft Road, £55 Stell Green, £52 Clonrae, £51 Debog, £50 Haliburton & Clonrae.

Cheviot £60 Howden, £54 Desoglin & Allfornaught, £53 Branxholm Braes & Knock, £52 Newbigging, Newbank, Clonrae & Mouldy Hills, £51 Cossarhill.

Easycare £55 Golden Lane, £52 Pedder Hill, £49 Eastside.

Kendal Rough £46 Lynnshield.

Swaledale £43 Gallowberry, £38 Middle Shipley, £33 Woodhall, Thornhope & Chapel Farm, £32 Hazelgill, £31 Sheepriggs, £30 Morley Hill & Hyndfordwell.


Texel £126 Four o Boot, £116 Beckfoot, £110 Middle Farm, £108 Four o Boot, £104 Middle Farm, £99 Pearsby Hall, Little Culmain & Chaseside.

Blue Leicester £110 Morley Hill.

Beltex £102 Hollands & The Wreay.

Roussin £94 Whitcastles.

Suffolk £92 Achamore, £88 Heatherglen, £85 Sleetbeck.

Bleu du Maine £90 Middle Farm.

North Country Cheviot £82 Beckfoot, £76 Chaseside.

Charollais £80 Wester Parkgate.

Cheviot £76 Hindhope, £70 Cossarhill & Arnmannoch.

Blackface £72 Eastside & Pitland Hills.

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