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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 42 cattle, 4,703 prime hoggs and 3,115 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 26th January 2017.


Light to 198.0p (198.0p)
Medium to 216.0p (193.5p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 224.0p (224.0p)
Medium to 225.0p (206.5p)
Heavy to 211.0p (207.3p)

Young bulls 209.0p (209.0p)

Light to 206.0p (159.5p)
Standard to 245.0p (171.3p)
Medium to 254.0p (179.8p)
Heavy to 213.0p (160.0p)

Light to £64.00 (£35.06)
Heavy to £152.00 (£71.94)

Cast Rams £118.00 (£64.74)

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 42 OTM’s and prime cattle were forward. A reduced company of buyers had on offer possibly the best quality show of cattle seen in the last six months.

OTM’s: Doug sells stock bull to 127p (£1,295.40).

A good show easily maintained late rates, topping at 145p for a sharp Limousin cow from Messrs Reed, with Blonde x to 127p from Doug Watkin. Angus cows from Tanlawhill realised 111p. Dairy types sold to 124p from Alan and David Coulthard. Top price per head of £877.25 from The Knarr with others to £803.05 from Ladykirk. An eight year old stock bull off Doug realised 127p and £1,295.40 per head.

Longtown cattle ring

Clean Cattle: James Taylor’s wagon load averages 215p.

A wonderful show of cattle with a college saying as good a show for meat as seen for some time. Trade was excellent throughout with heifers regularly 205-220p. James showed the way with a tremendous run of cattle topping the sale at 225p for a Limousin heifer with Blondes to 224p. John Vevers sold Charolais heifers to 211p. Steers were full of meat and sold to 216p from Ashley Story, but some funny bred things in the camp affected the averages. Young Bulls sold to 209p from Messrs Rome.

Next week: Start time 9.30am for cast cows followed by clean cattle. Come and take advantage of our capped commission at £30 per head. Sell live and thrive.

A larger show of 4,703 prime hoggs were forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers. All classes sharper on the week in defiance of this week’s very poor trade in most other centre’s. Best quality hoggs continue at extremely high rates, not seen in many other centre’s. Heavyweight hoggs far sharper with lightweight hoggs remaining similar although still better than store trade, unless lean. Many more export weight lambs could be sold to advantage. The sale topped at 254p and 249p for Beltex hoggs from Gelston Castle, Castle Douglas. Top price per head was £106 also for Beltex hoggs from Conon Brae, Dingwall. Overall sale average 170.4p (SQQ 174.6p).


Beltex 254p, 249p Gelston Castle, 245p Upper Tinwald, 243p Tinnishall, 235p Conon Brae, Hillcrest & Glencartholm, 234p Tinnishall & Crawthat, 231p Glencartholm.

Texel 245p Broomhills, 240p Lanerton, 239p Drumburn, 238p Conon Brae, 235p Hermitage, 233p Moor Side, 228p Ryehills, 227p Lanerton, 226p Miller Hill, 223p High Stenries.

Charollais 200p, 198p Conon Brae, 188p Hermitage, 180p Tinnishall.

Suffolk 189p Blackpark, 181p Spoutbank, 180p Guardsmill, 179p Drumburn, 178p Longburgh Fauld, 177p Shield Green, Guards Mill & Hallburn, 176p Outertown & Blackpark.

North Country Cheviot 178p Commonside, 171p Whiteknowe, 170p Blackpark, 167p Gospel Hall, 165p Whitstonehill, 160p Whiteknowe.

Cross 176p, 169p Redgate Head, 169p Longrow, 167p Pitland Hills, 165p Ryehills, 163p Beckhall, 162p Pouton & High Parkfoot.

Cheviot 176p Achavarn, 172p Catslackburn, 171p Pasture House, 170p Corbelly Hill, 169p Pasture House, 168p Catslackburn & Glenshanna.

Blackface 174p Hallburn & Sykehead, 173p, 172p Clonrae, 171p Sykehead & Catslackburn, 170p, 169p Clonrae.

Cheviot Mule 172p Solwaybank.

Lleyn 165p South Bowerhouses.

Swaledale 155p High Wreay.


Beltex £106 Conon Brae, £104, £102 Gelston Castle, £101 Hillcrest, £98 Upper Tinwald, £97 Gelston Castle, £96 Hillcrest, Crawthat & Tinnishall.

Texel £102 Broadlea Cottage, £100 Conon Brae, £96 Lanerton, £94 Whitstonehill & Hermitage, £93 Gelston Castle & Moor Side, £92 Commonside, £91 Broomhills.

Charollais £96 Hermitage, £87, £86 Conon Brae, £84 Hunderlee Pastoral, £81 Tinnishall & Sceugh Dyke.

Suffolk £90 Cowburnrigg & Tarrasfoot, £89, £87 Sceugh Dyke, £87 Cowburnrigg, £86.50 Newbiggin, £86 Outertown, £85 Sceugh Dyke.

North Country Cheviot £88 Whiteknowe, £86 Gospel Hall, £77 Whiteknowe, £76 Whitstonehill, £73 Commonside, £72 Whiteknowe & Gospel Hall.

Lleyn £85 Gelston Castle, £84 South Bowerhouses.

Cross £80, £78 Spoutbank, £76 High Parkfoot, £75.50 Fardingjames & Nether Stenries, £74.50, £74 Pouton.

Blackface £78 Glenshanna, £75, £74.50 Peel, £75 Craig Douglas, £73 Syart & Sceugh Dyke, £72 Meggethead.

Cheviot £74 Glenshanna, £73.50 Skelfhill, £72 Catslackburn & Tushielaw.

Cheviot Mule £70.50 Solwaybank.

Swaledale £68 High Wreay, £65 Newbiggin. £60 Hollinclose.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar show of 3,115 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of customers, with heavy ewes £6-8 dearer on the week. The best heavier end of hill ewes £3-4 sharper, with plainer sorts similar. Rams £5 dearer. Keeping control of numbers weekly and not flooding the market would appear to be the best way to keep the ewe trade from becoming depressed. Sale topped at £152 for outstanding Texel x Millenium Blue ewes from J Crichton, Louchrigg. Rams topped at £118 for Leicesters from Easter Dawyck.


Texel £152 Louchrigg, £148 Chaseside & Crookholm, £146 Raggetsyke & Fowrass, £145 Riddle Cottage, £144 Beck Farm, £140, £138 Crumhaughhill, £135 Beckfoot, £133 Howgillside, £132 Beckfoot, £128 Becks & Broomhills, £126 Townfoot & Becks, £125 Riddle Cottage.

Beltex £128 The Wreay, £112 Beck Farm, £102 Flatts of Cargen.

Suffolk £110 Skelfhill, £99 Gospel Hall & the Wreay, £98 Beckfoot & Auchengray, £97, £96 Chaseside, £95 Beckfoot, £94 Viewley, £91 Eastside & Chaseside, £90 Gelston Castle & The Challenge.

Charollais £107 Chaseside.

Rouge £90 Crookholm.

North Country Cheviot £87 Gospel Hall, £80 Chaseside, £79 Burray, £77 Castlehill, £75 Swinside Townfoot.

Blue Leicester £83 Allensgreen, £80 Raggetsyke & Swinside Townfoot, £76 Easter Dawyck, £74 Marygate.

Cheviot Mule £79 Newbigging & Outertown, £78 Chester Brae, £75 Gelston Castle, £74 Swinside Townfoot, £73 Greenwell Meadows, £72 Oxnam Estate.

Cross £75 Mossilee, £74 Viewley, Achalone & Newbigging, £73 Haddington, £72 The Challenge, Newbigging & Beck Farm, £71 Little Culmain & Gelston Castle.


Cheviot £64 Whitstonehill, £56 Skelfhill & Barrowgill Mains, £51 Newbank, £45 Chapel, £44 Becks, £41 Victoria Road, £40 Chapel & Tushielaw.

Lleyn £59 Fowrass, £58 Corbelly Hill, £49 Sloda Hill.

Blackface £51 Whiteside & Allensgreen, £47 Uppercleuch, Chapel & Todholes, £46 Gelnshanna, £45, £44 Newbigging.

Kendal Rough £48 Chapel, £47 Heatherglen.

Swaledale £38 Marygate & The Wreay, £34 Laverhay & Eastside, £33 Nunscleugh.


Blue Leicester £118 Easter Dawyck, £96 Whiteside, £90 Newbank.

Texel £112 Chaseside, £100 Beckfoot, £97 Newbigging, £96 Mossilee, £93 Caverslea, £92 Cobble Hall Barn.

Suffolk £99 Mossilee, £97 Newbigging, £94 Outertown.

Charollais £98 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £90 Achavarn, £89 Swinside Townfoot, £84 Gospel Hall.

Blackface £84 Whiteside.

Cheviot £76 Newbank.

longtown mart

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