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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 33 cattle, 4,206 prime hoggs and 3,415 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th January 2017.


Light to 200.0p (200.0p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 217.0 (217.0)
Heavy to 221.0p (215.9p)

Light to 215.0p (158.0p)
Standard to 281.0p (172.0p)
Medium to 258.0p (176.0p)
Heavy to 228.0p (155.0p)

Light to £67.00 (£34.85)
Heavy to £140.00 (£69.28)

Cast Rams £124.00 (£68.12)

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 33 cattle were forward comprising of 13 Cows, 2 Stock Bulls, 12 Clean and 6 OTMs.

Longtown cattle ring

A smaller show of cows and OTMs with several vendors absent due to the weather, saw all stock meet a fast selling trade from the usual company of buyers. Messrs Byers topped the sale with an Angus cow at 118p, followed at 116p from Bradbury, who also sold a Shorthorn to 114p. Top price per head was £986 for a Luing from Satchells. Two Angus stock bulls met a tremendous trade selling to 102p and £1083.60 from Spadeadam and Sorbie respectfully.

A good run of over 30 month cattle sold to 183p for dairy bred heifers and 171p for a dairy bred steer from Chris Littleton.

Clean cattle were a quality entry topping at 221p from Tom Faulder for a Blue x and 216p from Nigel Mitchinson with a Limousin.

Steers topped at 200p from A Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill.

A smaller show of 4,206 prime hoggs were forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers. All classes easier on the week apart from export and best quality hoggs, which are short of requirement and far more could be sold to vendor’s advantage. A much larger show of lightweight hoggs, resulted in trade being cheaper with 33kg + easier to sell than under 33kg. Heavyweight hoggs were easier to sell than in most other centres this week although still struggling to break the £80 barrier.

The sale topped at 281p for a pen of oustanding Beltex hoggs from Tony Gribbon, Waterside and top price per head of £107 was achieved for Beltex from R. Neill, Upper Tinwald.


Beltex 281p, 256p, 230p Waterside, 258p, 253p Oakwood, 258p, 240p, 230p Lurgan, 255p Upper Tinwald, 246p Glencartholm.

Texel 236p Upper Tinwald, 234p Westburnhope & Cobble Hall Barn, 230p Sowerby Wood, 229p, 219p High Stenries, 228p Whitfield, 226p D’Mainholm, 220p Glendue & Granton.

Cheviot 186p Pennersaughs, 178p Twislehope, 178p, 171p Hillcrest, 176p Marchbank, 174p Glendearg & Geiselittle & Maidencots, 171p Sorbie.

Suffolk 183p Whitfield, 180p Shield Green, 176p Sundhope, 176p Whinneyknowe, 172p Miller Hill, 171p Slickly.

Blackface 175p, 172p Milnmark, 172p Wanwood Hill, 171p Broomlea & Peel, 170p Uppercleugh

Cross 172p Milnmark, 171p The Farm.

North Country Cheviot 170p Hownam Grange.

Cheviot Mule 170p Third.

Kerry Hill 165p Waterside.

Swaledale 162p, 158p, 156p Batey Shield, 159p Broomlea, 156p Sheepriggs, 156p & 154p Westhopeburn, 154p Pasture House.

Lleyn 162p South Bowerhouses.

Herdwick 160p Ashley Park.


Beltex £107 Upper Tinwald, £105 Crawthat, £104, £100, £92 Waterside, £103, £101, £99 Lurgan, £102 Bridgestone, £93 Oakwood.

Texel £104 Bridgestone, £99 Sowerby Wood, £97 D’Mainholm, £96, £92 High Stenries, £95 The Flatt, £92 Dinwoodie Green, £92, £91 Upper Tinwald, £91 Hallburn.

Charollais £85 Hallburn.

Suffolk £81.50 Sceugh Dyke, £80, £78 Dykehead, £79 Outertown, £78.50 Cadgillhead, £78 Kinninghall, £77.50 Miller Hill, £77.50 Shield Green, £77 Linton.

Cross £81 Woodhall, £73 Wham Head, £72 Plenderleith, £71.50 D’Mainholm, £71 Glendue & Troloss, £70 The Farm.

Berrichon £77 Sceugh Dyke.

Border Leicester £76 Borthwick Brae.

Cheviot £75.50 Sorbie, £74 Glendearg, £74, £71 Twislehope, £72.50 Pennersaughs, £72 Hallburn.

Cheviot Mule £75 Barnglies.

Blackface £75 Sorbie, £74, £73, £72 Peel, £74, £72 Sceugh Dyke & Corsebank, £73.50 Hott, £73 Wanwood Hill, £73 Uppercleugh.

North Country Cheviot £75, £73, £72 Hownam Grange, £70 Pennersaughs & Marchbank & Newton Cottage.

Herdwick £64 Ashley Park.

Lleyn £75, £72 South Bowerhouses.

Oxford £74 Barnglies.

Swaledale £58.50, £54.50, £53.50 Batey Shield, £56 Sheepriggs, £54 Pasture House & Westhopeburn, £51 Broomlea.

Longtown sheep ring

A smaller show of 3,415 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of buyers. All classes were cheaper on the week due to less demand and whilst heavyweight hoggs remain cheap there is no real requirement for ewes to be a lot dearer. Lightweight ewes continue to struggle as large numbers come forward each week, with rams remaining a steady trade.

Sale topped at £140 for Texel ewes from Chaseside. Rams topped at £124 from W. Bell, Cobble Hall Barn.


Texel £140, £124 Chaseside, £138 Holm, £138 Wreay, £136 Beckfoot, £132 Oldfield, £132, £129 Tercrosset, £128 Kilncroft, £124 Brocklerigg.

Beltex £118 Waterside, £112 Somerton House, £103 Thornbrough, £100 Oakwood.

Charollais £112 Chaseside.

Suffolk £107 Roxburgh Mains, £106, £93 Beckfoot, £94 Oldfield, £94, £93 Newton Field, £92, £90 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £90 Hownam Grange, £89 The Maltings.

Blue Leicester £83 Sheepriggs, £82 Carnochan, £78 Thornbrough & Woodhall, £76 South Slipperfield.

Zwartble £80, £76 Beckfoot, £79 Hunley, £76 Dashwell Green.

Cross £76 Dashwell Green, £72 Third, £70 East Todholes & Tone Hall & Milnholm & Comlonggun Mains.

Continental £72 Olrig Mains, £69 Chaseside.

Cheviot Mule £66 Tetcott & Thornbrough.

Ryeland £60 Trailtrow.


Cheviot £67 Barnglies, £59 The Row.

Blackface £55, £48 West Nubbock, £53 Tenter House, £48 Cowburnrigg, £45 Stooprigg.

Jacob £50 Brae Edge.

Goat £50 Chaseside, £48 High Stobhill.

Easycare £47, £43 Hesket House, £45 Morebattle Tofts.

Swaledale £46 Pow Croft, £42 Sheepriggs.

Herdwick £45 Newton Field.


Texel £124 Cobble Hall Barn, £116 Craig Douglas, £110 Chaseside, £107 Beckfoot, £104 Dashwell Green, £100 Cochranes.

Blue Leicester £116 Woodhall.

Suffolk £98 Kirkfield, £90 Chapel, £87 Burnhouse, £85 Hassendean.

Oxford £98 Eastside.

North Country Cheviot £92 Smiddyquoy.

Charollais £87 Graceside.

Cheviot £86 Skelfhill.

Blackface £75 Meggethead, £74 West Nubbock, £72 Tone Hall, £70 Prospect House.

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