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JB Gill Joins School Children on a Visit to a Farm

Budding farmer and CBeebies presenter, JB Gill, once of boy band JLS, has joined school children on a visit to a farm.

JB Gill has visited the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) Allerton project research farm in Leicestershire. A keen farmer, JB seeks to inspire people to experience the countryside and learn more about the impact of farming methods on the environment.

JB Gill, once of boy band JLS, joined school children on a visit to a farm.

JB Gill, once of boy band JLS, joined school children on a visit to a farm.

On Monday 16 May, JB joined children from Holy Cross primary school, Leicester, on a visit hosted by the GWCT’s Allerton Project, and organised by national education charity The Country Trust. The aim was for the children to observe and learn more about how farmers can increase wildlife numbers, improve soil health and continue to provide food for a growing population.

Formerly of the boy band JLS, JB has since found his feet in the farming world and is presenter of the CBeebies programme ‘Down on the Farm’. JB said:
“My visit to the Allerton Project was eye-opening. Not only learning about the best farming practices for both crop-yield and wildlife, but also to see how the educational visits are run. I’m keen to support this as it’s something I would like to replicate on my own farm in Kent.”

The visit brought into the focus just how important it is for urban children to gain access to food, farming and the countryside. Jill Attenborough, Chief Executive of The Country Trust, said:
“We are passionate about bringing the working countryside alive for those children least able to access it. Today’s visit showed how working farms can provide amazing experiences which fuel the imagination and inspire children to learn more about the world around them.”

The Allerton Project has over 5 years of experience of delivering visits for primary school children. JB joined the first of the 2016 series of school events, during which over 200 children from across the East Midlands will be visiting the farm. Jim Egan, GWCT’s Head of Education and Development for the Allerton Project, said:
“These school events are some of the most rewarding days of my working year. It’s incredible how you can cover such a large amount of the primary school curriculum in one day on a farm.

After the visit, JB took the opportunity to hear about the Allerton Project in more depth on a tour around the farm Dr Alastair Leake, GWCT’S Director of Policy. This gave JB the opportunity to see the huge amount of work that the Allerton Project is undertaking and how the GWCT works with global brands and farmers, offering practical advice and sharing their farmland research.


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