Beefing Up Pasture Profitability

Barenbrug to give top tips for sward success without a full reseed at Beef Expo 2016 to be held at the Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell on Friday 20th May.

April saw Britain’s beef prices reach their lowest level in five years. With severe price competition at a retail level likely to keep a lid on red meat returns in the coming months, Barenbrug is heading to Beef Expo, armed with practical advice for producers who want to get more from grass to bolster their bottom line – but are unsure about investing in a full reseed because of continuing price pressures.

Beef animals in Grass Field

Exhibiting at Beef Expo for the first time, Barenbrug’s message to beef farmers is that lower-level investments in grass can still pay dividends over several years, helping to increase dry matter yields, reduce reliance on expensive bought ins and even improve live weight gains.

Roger Bacon, Regional Manager for Barenbrug in the North of England, said:
“The year ahead looks set to remain challenging for British beef producers. With less money available, many farmers are – understandably – reluctant to invest in a full programme of pasture renovation. Obviously new swards will always out perform older grasses but if that’s just not practical, other lower cost options do exist that could prove effective – at least short term.”

“For some farmers, overseeding might be the way forward. This route has the potential to improve productivity by between 30 to 40% for between three to four years, depending on field quality. Introducing clover could be another interim solution. Clover can fill in gaps to reduce weed ingress. It can also improve nitrogen levels – encouraging tillering which makes swards denser.

“So looking at the best variety is Crucially, clover can also encourage higher voluntary intakes, improving live weight gains. With market conditions top of mind we’ll be using our time at Beef Expo to talk to farmers about making their pastures more profitable – with whatever budget they have available. Whether they want more grass for grazing or for creating silage for later in the year to reduce spend on bought in feeds – there are always incremental improvements that can be achieved.”

Barenbrug offers a range of grass seed mixtures suitable for beef enterprises. The diverse mixtures available offer solutions for farmers looking to maximise grazing potential, make multiple cuts of silage, or even upland units looking for less reliance on nitrogen fertilisers and in more challenging land conditions. All these mixtures and other more dual-purpose blends are designed to produce leys that constantly deliver excellent results for beef enterprises.


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