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Tilhill Delivers Important Plan for Yorkshire Woodland

Tilhill Forestry’s North Yorkshire-based team has completed a Woodland Management Plan with a core aim to improve the woodlands at Farnley Estates near Huddersfield.

Tilhill Forestry has created a 10-year plan that will guide the future management of Farnley Estate’s 400 acres of woodland.

Farnley Estates

Farnley Estates

“Around 60 per cent of our woodlands are classed as ancient, semi-natural woodland, some of which dates back to the reign of Henry VIII. They’re also an important aesthetic addition to the local landscape in Huddersfield. Having a robust woodland management plan in place will help to make sure that these woodlands remain healthy for at least the next 50 to 100 years,” says Paul Sykes, Director Farnley Estates.

When approved by the Forestry Commission, the woodland management plan will provide a blueprint for felling and under-planting over the next decade. The aim is to create healthy and diverse woodlands.

The woodland management plan is an integral part of the Estate’s longer-term vision. The ultimate aim is to give people greater access to the land to enjoy, among others, education, recreation and health benefits.

“We’re stewards of this land, and this long-term programme will last beyond our lifetime. Following guidance from Natural England, we’re planning selective felling of trees in specific areas. This allows sunlight to reach the woodland floor and promotes the growth of plants and shrubs that provide shelter and food for birds and animals. We’ll then plant specially selected tree species to create woodlands of differing ages,” added Paul.

Re-introducing a variety of native tree species also helps to protect woodland against disease. As different species require different amounts of light and water to remain healthy. Having diverse woodlands can also mitigate the effects of climate change.

Ezra Southward MScFor, Assistant Manager for Tilhill Forestry added:
“We’re delighted to be involved with Farnley Estates and have the opportunity to help improve their woodland. We are experts in producing woodland management plans and helping clients apply for Countryside Stewardship Woodland Capital Grants so we were ideally placed to help Farnley Estates with their application.

“Creating the plan was a complex process which took approximately six months to complete involving a comprehensive ground survey of the woodland areas, associated GIS mapping and stakeholder consultation.”

Over the past 16 years, Farnley Estates has planted more than 70,000 trees. This number is expected to increase significantly once the new woodland management plan is approved by the Forestry Commission and Natural England.

Tilhill Forestry Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BSW Timber Group was established more than 65 years ago. It is a national company operating from a network of offices throughout the UK. The company provides a full range of consultancy and contracting services to the forest owner and forestry investor.

BSW is the most technologically advanced sawmill in the UK employing over 1200 people. The Company’s roots date back to 1848, and with seven sawmills in the UK and one in Latvia, has a production capacity of more than 1.2 million m3 of sawn timber which is distributed throughout construction, fencing and landscape markets.

Together, BSW and Tilhill Forestry form a strong partnership in the forest industry that will deliver quality from beginning to end - from creating new forests through to producing timber end products.


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