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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 3 young bulls, 19 OTM cattle, 4,161 prime lambs and 4,544 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th November 2015.

Young bulls
126.0p (124.0p)

Light to 168.0p (147.9p)
Standard to 231.0p (156.9p)
Medium to 191.0p (149.2p)
Heavy to 191.0p (142.6p)
O/weight 149.0p (137.1p)

Light to £73.00 (£43.67)
Heavy to £152.00 (£69.58)

Cast Rams £110.00 (£66.70)



OTMS – 8 Buyers operating at ringside

A short entry of barren cows proved totally inadequate for the 8 buyers at ringside. All classes have to be quoted dearer on the week and over 50 head could have easily been sold. Hughie Connell topped the sale with a young Angus cow at 138p, other Angus sold to 125p from Peter Dayson. Limousin again from Peter sold at 122p with Shorthorns from Messrs Connell to 110p. Dairy cows sold to 88p from Messrs Beard for out of parlour types. Rare breed enthusiasts Ian and Yvonne Armstrong sold pure bred Shetlands to 93p.

Top price per head was £935 paid for a mountain of an Angus from Cubby Hill, the Angus sold to £825 from Whamtown with Limousin to £841.80 from Blackford. Shorthorn cows realised £814.20 from Minsca.

December 3rd – Christmas Show & Sale for classes of Beef & Dairy cows – please notify entries to allow us to make the best of your cows.

Longtown cattle ring


Bulls an entry of solely Holstein types which sold between 120p-126p from Middlebie Hill.

Christmas Show December 3rd – classes for Beef & Dairy Bulls.

A similar show of 4,161 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers still keen for sheep, all be it at a lesser trade. A large volume of good quality heavy lambs were forward selling regularly between £75 and £85, but good export lambs under 43 kilos were short of requirements. Lightweight lambs remain similar to store trade unless best quality. Top price per kilo of 231p for Beltex from Bridgestone and op per head of £90 for Texels from Kirk House and Beltex from Bridgestone. Overall average of 147.5p (SQQ 152p).


Beltex 231p Bridgestone, 216p High Greenhill, 211p Eastside, 197p Kilnhill, 195p Waltonwoodhead.

Texel 211p Killocraw, 192p Windyhill, 191p Kirk House, 188p Carruthers, 186p The Flatt.

Hill Cheviot 174p Taldale, 168p Waterside, 165p Shawhill, 162p Taldale, 159p Taldale.

Suffolk 170p Achamore, 162p, 160p Taldale, 155p Studdondene, Glenehervie and Hepplehill, 154p Basco Dykehead.

North Country Cheviot 160p Earlside, 151p Carruthers.

Blackface 160p Brennanlea, 154p Chapelhope, 153p Brennanlea and Wester Dawyck, 150p Linhope, Gibblaston and Bennanlea, 148p Chapelhope and Nether Albie.

Greyface 157p Gibblaston, 155p May Farm, 154p Newington, 151p Merkland, 149p Whiteside and Waterside.

Charollais 154p Sowerby Wood, 150p Nether Gribton.

Cheviot Mule 151p Dunnabie, 149p Achamore.

Rouge 163p Middle Farm.

Lleyn 146p Mallsgate Hall.

Half Bred 144p Earlside.

Leicester 139p Tushielaw.

Swaledale 135p Waterside.

Jacob 133p Eastside.


Texel £90 Kirk House, £87 West Kirkcarsewell, £85 Kirk House and Walton Woodhead, £82 Longfields, £80 West Kirkcarsewell, Kirk House, Killocraw, The Flatt and Hallburn Croft.

Beltex £90 Bridgestone, £85 Walton Highrigg, £84 Greenburn, £82 High Greenhill, £81 Bridgestone.

Suffolk £77.50 Sceughdyke, £77 Boreland, £76 Cowburnrigg, £74 Becton Hall, Boreland and Sceughdyke, £73 Sceughdyke.

Hill Cheviot £72 Eastside, £64 Skelfhill, £63 Taldale, £62.50 Priesthaugh and Taldale, £62 Earlside and Whitehouse.

Rouge £70 Middle Farm.

Charollais £68.50 Gall Farm, £67 Knowe Farm, £65.50 Newbiggin, £65 Nether Gribton, £64.50 Sowerby Wood.

North Country Cheviot £67 Bardnaclaven, £65, £64 Carruthers, £64 Taldale, £63.50 Bardnaclaven, £62.50 Earlside.

Hampshire £67 Barnglies.

Zwartbles £65 Bogra.

Cheviot Mule £65, £64 Dunnabie, £61 Achamore, £60 Tushielaw.

Half Bred £64 Adderston Shiels, £59 Earlside.

Greyface £63 Boreland and Eastside, £61 Hollinclose, £60 Peela Hill, Brennanlea and Tushielaw, £59 Glenehervie and Newbiggin, £58.50 Merkland.

Blackface £62 Wanwood Hill, £58.50, £57.50, £57 Brennanlea, £55 Wester Dawyck and Peela Hill.

Leicester £61 Tushielaw, £60 Easter Dawyck.

Lleyn £60 Mallsgate Hall.

Jacob £58 Parks, £53 Eastside.

Swaledale £45 Waterside.

Longtown sheep ring

A much larger show of 4,544 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual full ring of buyers, with heavy ewes easier on the week unless lean sellers, hill ewes stronger on the week especially plain sorts, rams remain similar.


Texel £152 Riggheads, £140 Snowsgreen, £130 Haithwaite, £118 Caverslea, £115 Haas Grove.

Beltex £114 Snowsgreen, £110 High Greenhill, £108 Ringliggate, £100 Eastside, £80 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £108, £100 Westknowe, £95 Beechgrove, £91, £90 Chaseside.

Charollais £104, £90 Beckfoot.

North Country Cheviot £86 Carruthers, £84 Sowerby Wood and Shoestanes, £83 Nettling Flatt and Brockhouse, £81 Earlside, £80 Chaseside.

Leicester £81 Chaseside, £76 Boreland, £75 Peth Head, Eastside and Boreland, £72 Howard House, £71 Easter Dawyck.

Cheviot Mule £80 Priesthaugh, £72 Whitstonehill, Nettling Flatt and Falnash, £70 High Tirfergus, £67 Skelfhill.

Zwartbles £75 Chaseside, £65 Bogra, £62 Eastside.

Greyface £69 Kirkland of Longcastle, £68 Peela Hill, £67 Tritlington Hall, Parks, Boreland and Bridgestone, £66 Longfield, £65 Haithwaite and Nether Gribton.

Half Bred £63 Peth Head.


Lleyn £73 Sharplaw, £69, £63 Dunnabie, £56 Chapel Farm.

Hill Cheviot £68 Westloch, £61 High Tirfergus, £59 Todholes, £55 Priesthaugh, Haas Grove and Todholes, £54 Kelsocleugh, Glendinning and Priesthaugh.

Blackface £64 Horseholme, £58 Eastside and Haithwaite, £56 Boreland, £54 Horseholme, £53 Auchaleek.

Jacob £51 Howard House, £37 The Firs.

Easycare £50 Edingarioch, £45 Bairnkine.

Herdwick £47 Chapel Farm, £40 Pokeskine.

Swaledale £47 Hollinclose, £45 Coatlith Hill and Butterdales, £44 Brewery House Barn, £43 Bayldon and Wydoncleughside.


Texel £110 Caverslea, £100 Nunscleugh and Shepherds Cottage, £90 West Watten, Waltonwoodhead, Caverslea, Eastside, Beckfoot and Riggheads.

Berrichon £104 Middle Farm.

Suffolk £100 Eastside, £86 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £98 Bardnaclaven, £80 Taldale, £70 Kelsocleugh.

Beltex £88 Eastside.

Leicester £88 Eastside, £80 Craigs.

Hampshire £80 Eastside.

Hill Cheviot £72 Whitstonehill, £70 Dinley and Bloch, £67 Birneyknowe, £62 Burnfoot of Ewes.

Blackface £69, £66 Eastside.

Easycare £69 Bairnkine, £66 Edingarioch.

Roussin £68 Bairnkine.

Romney £68 Swaites.

Swaledale £50 Ottercops.

longtown mart

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