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DeLaval Launches Ecopaper EP 1000 Udder Hygiene Paper

Ecopaper EP 1000 is an udder hygiene paper made from 100% recycled fibre, It paves the way for DeLaval to create an udder hygiene paper assortment based on 100% recycled fibre.

DeLaval launches ecopaper EP 1000, which uses cartons’ cellulose fibres to produce a soft, absorbent and resistant udder hygiene paper towel. DeLaval ecopaper EP 1000 is ideal for pre-milking cleaning as it absorbs any liquid without tearing and is gentle on teats and udders. It is the latest innovation from Lucart, TetraPak’s long-term partner in recycling.

ecopaper EP 1000

Ecopaper EP 1000

A good milking and udder preparation routine reduces mastitis incidences in herds and improves milk letdown. By securing that the teats are clean and dry, milkers help to prevent the spread of contagious bacteria, avoid cluster kick-off, and contribute to keeping teats in good condition. DeLaval ecopaper EP 1000 is part of the DeLaval udder hygiene assortment, including products such as DeLaval udder soaps, Drycel™ and Biocell™.

“It is important to properly prepare the teats for milking, as the goal is to milk a clean dry teat: this is to prevent unwanted bacteria being transferred,” says Nathalie Albrecht, solutions Manager, DeLaval.
“Whether the milker uses a foaming solution or another udder preparation solution, it is important to wipe the teat off carefully with a soft paper towel that will absorb properly and be strong enough to keep it from falling apart. This is the case for DeLaval ecopaper EP1000”.

The launch also marks an important strategic step for DeLaval as it commits to rolling out more solutions based on recycled material. This also makes it possible for food producers to become more sustainable, in line with the DeLaval vision.

“This is yet another great example on how we can create synergies within the Tetra Laval group “, says Jan Agri, Sustainability Manager at DeLaval.
“At DeLaval we are committed to make possible a more sustainable future for our customers, and this solution fits perfectly”.

Thanks to the latest recycling technology, all materials from beverage cartons can be recycled into new, everyday products. Ecopaper, made out of 100% cellulose fibres recycled from French used beverage cartons, is a unique product which is made in France by Lucart. This is a great example of a circular economy concept applied in our industry at the European level and an example of successful collaboration in the value chain from consumer packaging to B2B solutions” says Anne-Sophie Verquère, Communications Director, Tetra Pak France.

“Launching in Delaval’s range is yet another new success story for our ecopaper, the latest real innovation on the tissue paper market”, says Jean-Pierre Bohm, AFH sales director for France and North Europe Lucart.

Products specs:

  • Available in two layer rolls
  • Can be ordered in twin pack 1000 sheet rolls
  • Safe for food contact
  • 100% Ecolabel
  • Sheets 350 x 255 mm
  • Paper weight: 21.5 g/m2
Core benefits:
  • Effective pre-milking cleaning of teats and udder
  • Helps safeguard milk quality
  • Gentle on teats and udders
  • Made from 100% recycled fibres products
  • Ideal sheet size to clean 1 udder


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