Rural Protect Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

A new insurance against the increasingly hostile world of claims and investigations is now available through H&H Insurance Brokers.

Called Rural Protect, the insurance policy is designed to step in with cover for all your legal costs should you be faced with a claim against your business, or faced with having to defend yourself against an investigation or accusation from any one of a number of regulatory bodies that govern the lives of businesses, great and small, in today’s Britain.

Philip Pagan

Philip Pagan

Philip Pagin, Rural Sales Director at H&H Insurance Brokers says:
“The financial and legal risks facing the rural community have never been greater.

Customers, employees and suppliers are increasingly willing and able to make claims, and investigations by UK regulators including the HSE, Environment Agency and HMRC are more robust and commonplace than ever before.”

The new policy is designed to meet these increasing threats. Described as a bespoke management liability insurance, it will protect the interests of the farming and rural community against the challenges many businesses, have already faced.

Rural Protect is designed to meet costs associated with many key public bodies and their investigations. These include DEFRA, The Police, The Local Authority Planning Department, Environmental Health and Health and Safety, the HSE, HMRC – covering Tax, PAYE, NIC, Employer Compliance and VAT, the UK Border Agency (Immigration), the RSPCA, the DVLA, the Forestry Commission, the MOD (wind farms), Parish Councils and the Planning Appeals Inspectorate.

Philip adds:
“You can quickly see how many of these bodies cover farming practices, and you can assess for yourselves how you might be affected. Rural Protect provides cover for both the business and personal liability of the owner, partner or director in the event of an allegation or investigation. The policy provides cover for the legal representation costs plus any award made. It is tailored to reflect the specific risks and particular circumstances faced by farmers and rural business owners and managers.”

Protection for Directors of Limited companies has been available for many years; uniquely Rural Protect also covers Farm Partnerships and Sole Traders.

Philip says:
“Now all types of farming and rural businesses can be protected against the increasing litigation and regulation they face.”

Rural Protect is exclusively available to a broad range of rural clients, from working farms and tree surgeons, to estates and equine businesses including stables and riding schools.

The policy covers legal costs, awards or settlements for any claim or regulatory action brought against any past, present or future director, partner, owner or employee. It covers all regulators in the UK. Standard cover provided includes Company cover – these are claims made against the business as opposed to an individual, and for defence cases it does not contain a ‘prospect of success’ clause unlike Legal Expenses. Any professional fees incurred in defending an allegation are covered e.g. forensic accountants, mechanics, access to PR expertise and costs in the event of an incident.

Philip concludes:
“The policy has been developed by the rural insurance specialists at HB Underwriting, in partnership with leading UK and global insurer, AXA, to fill a significant gap in the rural insurance market. The policy is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc.”

All investigation and defence costs are covered, plus awards and it provides access to rradar – a specialist law firm providing a risk management service to underpin the policy.


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