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North Field Montbeliarde Herd to Disperse

Harrison and Hetherington are holding a complete dispersal of the North Field Montbeliarde Herd.

The North Field Herd, owned by Fred and Anne Dent who farm at Bowes County Durham, will be dispersed on 26th August at Borderway. This will be the first time one of the North Field animals has been for sale on the open market.

North Field Montbeliarde Herd

North Field Montbeliarde Herd

The herd which was established in 2003 by brothers Joseph and Fred Dent, with just two adult in-calf heifers and another 12 young calves bought from H M Dent’s Jo-MATT herd at East Farm Morton Tinmouth, Darlington. Since this time the herd has swelled 82 pure bred milking Montbeliarde cattle, all of which, will be up for sale at Borderway in Carlisle.

Montbeliarde cattle are renowned as the number one dual purpose cattle for both milk production and for having the ability to produce a valuable carcase. Even so they are still relatively rare in the UK, but are very much up and coming with numbers of pure bred cattle rising year on year. Coupled with this, is the fact that they are the second most popular dairy cattle breed in both France and Ireland, hence why the breed is seen as a good investment.

Fred Dent, the North Field Herd owner, who is dispersing due to bereavement, commenting on the cattle said:
“The Montbeliarde’s have been a joy to farm, they have given the milk and produced beef in abundance over the years, and because of this I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone far and above the Holsteins and Friesians, which I have farmed in the past. I have never known anyone farm Monty’s, and go back to another breed, which is testament to their productivity.”

The Montbeliarde breed is a red and white breed of cattle that originated in the east of France, and was officially recognised as a breed 115 years ago. Due to the climate in this area of France, where they have very hot summers and very cold winters, the cattle have been bred to be very hardy, and to not only produce plenty of milk, but to also withstand the difficult conditions.

Glyn Lucas, Senior Dairy Auctioneer at Harrison and Hetherington, said: “We are honoured to be holding this sale. It is a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to purchase outstanding Montbeliarde cattle, this herd all derive from some of the best herds in France.


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