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Cogent Dominates Proven Conformation Chart

Holstein UK have updated their type rankings which confirms the Cogent stud as the out-and-out leader when it comes to transmitting good conformation.

The type rankings for Holstein dairy sires – which are published for both UK-proven and internationally-proven bulls – are dominated by the Cogent stud which takes a remarkable four of the top five positions on the UK and international proven sires list and an unprecedented five of the top five amongst sires whose daughters are milking and proven in the UK.

McCutchen daughter: Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer

McCutchen daughter: Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer

This remarkable feat illustrates the strength of the Cogent stud on two counts, according to the company’s Dairy Sire Specialist, Andrew Holliday.

“Good conformation is at the heart of all our sire selections as it is the building block on which everything else depends,” says Mr Holliday. “Without good conformation to sustain their milk production a dairy cow will not last the course under any system, so we have always concentrated on sound, functional traits as a priority to ensure the cows we breed have the constitution to last.

“Milk production and good health are also key priorities, so we also find that our leading type bulls excel as all-rounders, and have high scores for PLI [Profitable Lifetime Index],” he says.

This is illustrated by De-Su BKM McCutchen, who is the number one type transmitter in the world, with a Type Merit of +3.71, yet he also transmits over 500kg milk, has superb daughter fertility and fitness and weighs in with a PLI of £411.

“The other Cogent bulls beneath McCutchen in the ranking have similarly balanced indexes and illustrate the all-round performance of the company’s stud,” adds Mr Holliday.

The list of UK-proven bulls also tells a story which is that the bulls in the Cogent stud have proven their worth across the British Isles.

“The UK environment is a tough place in which to excel with a rigorous proving system and a broad cross-section of farm types on which to perform,” continues Mr Holliday.

“A bull which makes it in the UK has done so against stiff international competition and once our bulls become front-runners we find that’s where they are likely to stay,” he says.

His point is illustrated by the renowned Bradnick (TM +3.2) and Atwood (+2.73) who have remained at the top of the UK type rankings for since they became proven, which bodes well for the newcomer who has moved into third position.

“This new bull, Holbra Panter, has a lovely balanced linear profile together with good health and production, which is brought together in a UK Type Merit of +2.68 and a PLI of £209,” he says.

“He is also the number one feet and leg improver of all UK-proven sires and his locomotion index of +2.19 will be a virtue on any farm.”

Panter is also an example of a bull which has come through Visions, Cogent’s progeny testing programme, and he stands alongside a range of bulls from the company’s acclaimed international partners, World Wide Sires.

“We are delighted to be able to bring UK farmers such a diverse and well-balanced stud and feel confident that the cows they breed will stand the test of time,” he concludes.


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