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More Prime Cattle Required at Skipton

Craven Cattle Marts at their auction mart premises in Skipton are using the opening of the new Keelham Farm Shop on nearby Gargrave Road and the presence of Stanforths Butchers on site as an opportunity to invite all retail butchers and cattle feeders to attend the weekly Monday sale of prime cattle.

Keelham is looking to source 25 cattle a week from local farms for both its new Skipton shop and its established outlet at Thornton, on the outskirts of Bradford, while Stanforths Butchers requires cattle each week for careful maturation and sale both through their Skipton shop and into the local restaurant trade.

Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton

Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton

Saltaire butcher Dick Binns is another regular attendee at the ringside, securing high quality handy-weight heifers, alongside, in recent months, Charlie Clough Butchers in Queensbury, catering meats supplier Swaledale Foods in Skipton, Edwards Butchers, of Padiham, D&A Gregory Butchers in Bacup, Keighley butcher Paul Leadbeater, and Anthony Kitson, who has butchers’ shops in Northallerton and Yarm, to name a few.

In addition, J&E Medcalf wholesale butchers in Halifax additionally buy a range of commercial cattle and retail animals for sale into butchers’ shops in Calderdale and beyond.

Craven Cattle Marts general manager Jeremy Eaton said:
“In recent months, the trade for prime cattle has come under pressure and farmers who traditionally invest heavily in the spring in finishing cattle to fill yards have once again questioned the profitability of the system. With store cattle costs at a premium because of the relative national scarcity, making the most of high quality prime cattle is very important.

“Looking at the Keelham model and consumer demand for a product connected to the region - and in some cases to specific farms - the opportunity exists at retail level to bring the farm or farmer to the shop to assist in conveying this message.”

Mr Eaton pointed out that the large processors and retailers obviously require large volumes of consistent cattle in specification and the region is fortunate in having a good concentration of these important customers in the area, who provide the demand that supports the mart’s prolific store cattle and feeding bull sales.

He noted:
“However, we do see that placing premium and certain types of other cattle to advantage is sometimes difficult. The Keelham opening and the now direct connection between stock bought in the mart and it moving off the shelves in customers’ shopping baskets is a timely reminder of the competition that exists around livestock mart rings and how feeders can help promote the product they sell with their customer.

“We are within striking distance of major conurbations supporting a range of retail and farm shops, major processors and a number of independent abattoirs. The demand for quality, local, regional or breed-specific meat has developed over the last few years, but it would seem that the momentum has picked up pace of late and finishers should be aware that they once again could be a part of this.”

Keelham Farm Shop’s James Robertshaw commented:
“Our family-run business has its roots in the butchery trade and we’re extremely proud of this heritage. We’ve sourced meat from Skipton auction mart for more than forty years and we remain fully committed to buying the best quality meat available from leading local farmers.”

Simon Barker, director of CCM Quality Foods, which is run by Stanforths Butchers, said:
“We are always on the lookout for first-rate prime cattle, not only for our own shop In Skipton, but also our catering arm, which supplies local pubs and restaurants in Skipton and the Dales. We much prefer to source these through our local mart.”

Skipton’s weekly prime cattle sale is held every Monday immediately after the cast cattle sale and is operated as a ‘green market.’

Mr Eaton added:
“Because cattle finishers in the locality are rare, in the past particular focus has been given to the monthly primestock shows, which are well supported. However, the demand exists for cattle every week and an invitation is extended to all cattle finishers and retail butchers.”

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