UK Wind Turbines Shown the Red Light

The Government have announced their intention to end new public subsidies for onshore turbines with the closure of the Renewables Obligation across Great Britain to new onshore wind generating stations as of 1st April 2016.

As of 18th June, any turbines that have not got planning consent and grid connection offers, are unable to progress their project.

Here Victoria Lancaster, Renewable and Energy Advisor at Carlisle and Durham bases H&H Land and Property, comments on how this will affect landowners and farmers.

Victoria Lancaster

Victoria Lancaster

“It is disappointing that landowners across the country are having the opportunity to generate their own electricity, to diversify their businesses and to give them some financial security for the future, taken away from them.”

Individual farm scale turbines that generate between 50 and 500kW’s have been a great success story in the contribution that they have made towards the national electricity generation. They have also made a huge impact in the reduction of carbon, and for all of these reasons it is a shame that the Government seem to have an agenda that does not take these things into account.

Farmers will no longer have the opportunity to install on their own farms. The timing has been brought forward a year earlier than April 2017, date given by the Coalition, which means that although it will still be possible to put a turbine project in place if it is going into planning this year, as long as it is not appealed. However, if an appeal takes place it is unlikely to be successful, as appeals can take up to a year to reach conclusion.”

Given that the timescales for wind turbine projects can take up to 18 months to get through planning and appeal process, this new time frame heralds the end of farm scale wind turbines in the UK.

Victoria Lancaster concludes:
“There is still a range of renewable technologies out there for farmers to consider including Anaerobic Digestion, Solar and hydro. Steps are being taken to develop other technology such as tidal; however these large scale technologies are usually out with a farmer or landowners reach.”

H&H Land and Property is one of the largest firms of chartered surveyors and specialist rural advisors in the region, with farming clients across southern Scotland, the North West and North East with a number of farms and parcels of land currently on the market. In addition to its Carlisle Office, the company has a North East Office in Durham and a satellite office near Penrith.

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