Defra Record-Keeping U Turn

Defra has postponed plans for an increased level of livestock movement recording for farmers in agri-environmental schemes.

It was only in late April when Natural England wrote to over 11,000 Environmental Stewardship Agreements scheme holders, with pre-2013 agreements, informing them that they must keep detailed livestock movement records at land parcel level. They said that this was needed to meet EU requirements for evidence the options are being implemented and to avoid the EU imposing financial penalties on the UK as a result.

David Morley

David Morley

On Friday 29th May, Defra decided to postpone plans for this increased level of livestock movement recording for farmers.

The Defra statement read;
“Having listened carefully to concerns about practicality and the need for more and better guidance, we have decided to postpone introducing this additional requirement until further notice. Natural England and Defra will use this time to work with you and others to address how we can meet this new requirement in the most practical and manageable way.”

On hearing details of this postponement of livestock farms in agri-envioronment schemes David Morley, Environmental Advisor of Carlisle’s H&H Land & Property said:
“Natural England is determined to revise the rules concerning livestock record keeping, but it has shown it is prepared to be reasonable and to work with the industry in order to achieve its aim. Fortunately, those of us who raised this issue through recent articles concerning livestock records helped get the message through.”

Natural England are writing to all concerned, to explain the situation and apologise for any inconvenience caused. This will enable farmers to move forwards as they prepare for the immanent deadline of submitting their BP5 forms by the 15th June.

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