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Colostrum from Frozen to Feeding in 15 Minutes

One of the UK’s leading suppliers to the Dairy Industry, Britimilk, has been awarded the exclusive UK rights to launch the 5 times international award-winning colostrum feeding system for calves.

The unique coloQuick system delivers colostrum of the highest quality possible to newborn calves immediately after birth. This innovation brings more antibodies to calves in their first few hours than any other system on the market and is widely used in Germany, the US and Denmark, where it was invented.

coloQuick system

The coloQuick System

To secure a calf’s future immunity and performance; colostrum must be fed immediately after birth. coloQuick makes feeding a newborn calf very simple by providing a complete management system, with top quality, frozen colostrum and an easy defrosting process. The newborn calf can receive this ready-to-use farm produced colostrum in just 20 minutes. Using the colostrum produced by the cows on the farm, is far superior to artificial colostrum.

Britmilk’s Martin Jameson said: “Delivering colostrum to a calf as soon after birth is essential because its ability to absorb the antibodies rapidly reduces in the hours after its birth.

“It’s not something that can be left to chance, but many farms don’t have a coherent plan in place to manage colostrum feeding. Every farm would benefit from improved colostrum management, and coloQuick makes this much easier to implement and is the fastest defrosting feeding system on the market. ”

coloQuick is a complete system that uses simple, logical routines to deliver quality-tested colostrum quickly. A refractometer allows farmers to accurately and rapidly test and measure the antibodies in the colostrum taken from their own milking cows post calving. This ensures that only colostrum of the best quality possible will be frozen for future use in the disposable sterile bag and cartridge especially designed for storing and thawing the colostrum.

Warming the cartridge of colostrum in the unique water bath gently protects the antibodies. A specially designed teat system and a stainless steel probe are included for feeding. Both tools can be operated with one hand and are ergonomically designed, making it possible to handle the calf with the other hand - while the cartridge is carried over the shoulder, or as a “Back-Pack”.

Pasteurising is an optional feature, that can eliminate spread of diseases from cow to calf.

Brian Pedersen, Inventor and owner of coloQuick said:
“We are sure that Britmilk is the right partner for coloQuick in UK, with their expertise in calves, and with sales people in direct contact with dairy farmers every day, we are a perfect match. The coloQuick protocols will bring UK calf rearing to a higher level, which is the key to higher milk production, and better economy”

Martin Jameson added: “This is a simple user-friendly system, which will be of great benefit to the UK dairy industry. Quite simply, good colostrum results in good cows. It will make feeding colostrum much less of a hit and miss affair and ensure calves receive the essential antibodies they need in a much more structured way. “

“We’re delighted to be the UK’s official supplier of coloQuick and look forward to introducing the system to customer’s old and new, helping to give their calves the very best start in life.”


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