Online BPS Claim System may be a Long Way Off

Cross Compliance Solutions Ltd say Online BPS claim system can’t come soon enough…but may be a long way off.

As inspections start and the 15 June deadline for Basic Payment System (BPS) claims looms, Cross Compliance Solutions Ltd has warned that online claims may still be a long way off, and the industry will have to stick with paper claims this year.

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The company has been selected by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) to pilot online submissions. However, its managing director says it will be a while before Cross Compliance Solutions trusts the system enough to use it.

Charles Mayson, managing director, Cross Compliance Solutions, said:
“We’re proud to be one of the pioneers chosen to spearhead the new online claim work for this year’s BPS. But it has become apparent that the system isn’t ready. And we don’t think farmers can rely on being able to submit online before the 15 June deadline.

“We’re talking to the RPA all the time on behalf of our clients – we’re among their top five callers – and we will continue to work with them to iron out the problems with the new system. Now, more than ever, the BPS is crucial to total farm income. No claim, no income – so we just can’t take the risk on behalf of our clients across the country.”

Ultimately the RPA would like agents and third parties such as Cross Compliance Solutions to make a start with online claims. But particular difficulties have come to light and, with the deadline approaching, the company has decided to stick with the paper-based system this year to provide reassurance to its clients.

Charles continued:
“For example, at the moment you can’t submit hedgerows and buffers for greening online as they get taken off the parcel of land. So in many circumstances the whole greening section would have to be sent in separately on paper.

“Online claims can’t come quickly enough for us and we’re fully supportive of the efforts of the RPA. But everyone is frustrated by the software problems, our clients most of all. And the real worry is regarding potential delays to payments in December.”


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