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Vegetable Grower Specifies Mitas Row-Crop Tyres

Cornwall’s leading vegetable grower specifies Mitas row-crop tyres on new Claas tractor fleet.

The latest Mitas AC 85 high-performance row-crop tyres are being fitted to a fleet of 15 new Claas Arion tractors being supplied to Southern England Farms Ltd, Cornwall’s leading vegetable grower and packer, by the Redruth branch of Hambly’s, the longest-established Claas dealer in the South West.

Mitas row-crop tyres fitted to one of Southern England Farms' new Claas Arion tractors

Mitas row-crop tyres fitted to one of Southern England Farms' new Claas Arion tractors

The standard factory-fitted tyres on the four-cylinder 145hp Claas Arion 520 and six-cylinder 156hp Claas Arion 620 tractors have been replaced with Mitas AC85-series row-crop tyres supplied and fitted by Geoffrey Harris Tyres in Liskeard, one of the largest tyre distributors in Cornwall.

This is the second major fleet order which Hambly’s have supplied to Southern England Farms where the standard factory-fit tyres have been replaced by Mitas row-crop tyres prior to the tractors being delivered. Two years ago, Geoffrey Harris Tyres fitted replacement Mitas row-crop tyres to 13 new Claas Arion 610C tractors for Southern England Farms, which produces 4000 acres of vegetables. A year-round supplier of locally-produced produce such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes and spring greens to major UK supermarkets and processors, the company operates a significant number of Claas Arion tractors on Mitas row-crop tyres, which meet their specialist requirements for working in high-value vegetable crops as well as covering considerable distances on the road.

“We harvest across a wide geographic area throughout Cornwall, from Lands End up to Wadebridge, a distance of almost 60 miles,” states Gordon Stokes, Manager of Southern England Farms. “Our tractors operate for approximately 10 hours a day and on average spend three hours a day, six days a week on the road. Despite this, the Mitas row-crop tyres which we fitted to our last batch of Claas tractors to maximise clearance and avoid damage to the crops lasted the life of the two-year contract. During that time they were rotated to even out the wear and maximise tyre life, but nevertheless that was impressive.”

Richard Berryman, West Cornwall Sales Representative for Hambly’s Redruth branch, one of five across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, says: “Hambly’s have a long-standing relationship with Geoffrey Harris Tyres, so we were confident in their recommendation to specify Mitas row-crop tyres on the original Class Arion models based on their excellent value for money and suitability for the intended application. When these tractors were replaced after two years and 4000 hours we re-fitted the original standard wheels and tyres which we had stored for the customer during that period to maximise re-sale values.

Geoffrey Harris Tyres, which supplies a huge range of agricultural tyres to fit anything from vintage tractors to the largest agricultural models, provides a professional fitting service to farmers throughout Cornwall, South Devon and the Isles of Scilly. Michael Harris, who has more than 25 years experience in the agricultural sector, states:

“When choosing row-crop wheels and tyres it is vital for farmers to consult a supplier with the specialist knowledge of the agricultural sector to advise them correctly. The reason for fitting Mitas row-crop tyres in this situation was because they offer very good value, with the excellent wear and performance characteristics required for in-field and on-road operations.

We replaced the standard wheels and 520/85 R38 rear, 420/85 R28 front tyres on the four Arion 530 tractors with Mitas AC85 340/85 R48 rear and AC85 320/90 R32 front row-crop tyres. The standard tyres on the Claas Arion 620 models were replaced with Mitas AC 85 row-crop tyres, 380/90 R46 on the rear wheels and 320/85 R32 on the front.”

Malcolm Smith of Mitas Tyres states: “Selecting the correct tyres it is critical to performance and safety. This is particularly important in the case of row-crop tyres which often operate at the upper end of their capabilities in terms of load and speed. Premium tyres, such as those manufactured by Mitas, are engineered to ensure that expensive, specialist machinery achieves its full potential and that downtime is kept to a minimum. Mitas tyres are fitted as original equipment by most leading farm machinery manufacturers, providing farmers with the reassurance that they will deliver excellent performance and longevity in any situation.”

The Mitas range includes the most comprehensive range of row-crop tyres on the market, so there is one to suit every requirement. The Mitas row-crop tyre with the highest load capacity is the AC85 480/95 R 50, which will carry up to 8025kg at 2.8 bar and 10 km/h (cyclic), while the Mitas AC 85 380/95 R 38 has a maximum operating speed of up to 65 km/h, at which speed it will carry up to 3075kg at an inflation pressure of 2.4 bar.

The AC85 and AC90 ranges include 21 different combinations of width, aspect ratio and diameter. Developed specially for row-crop working on tractors, self-propelled sprayers and a wide range of other agricultural machinery, they incorporate rounded shoulders and lugs to minimise the impact on crops. Deep lugs provide excellent traction and directional stability with a high level of control, while good self-cleaning properties help to keep the tread pattern free of mud and maximise traction in difficult conditions.

The Mitas AC 85 range includes 16 different versions, from the smallest 270/95 R 32, which will operate at up to 50 km/h and has a maximum load capacity of 3545kg at 4.4 bar and at 10 km/h (cyclic), to the 480/95 R 50, which has a maximum operating speed of 50 km/h and a maximum tyre loading of 7095kg at 4.4 bar pressure and at 10 km/h (cyclic). The Mitas AC 90 range includes five versions, ranging from the 270/80 R 32, which will operate at up to 50 km/h and has a maximum loading of 3050kg, to the 300/95 R 42, which will support up to 4835kg.

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