St David’s Poultry Team Opens New Veterinary Practice

St David’s Poultry Team Ltd is opening a new veterinary practice in Gloucestershire. The new Cotswolds branch will provide commercial poultry producers with a group of dedicated poultry vets for on-site visits, post mortem examinations and treatments.

“St David’s Poultry Team Ltd has more poultry vets in more bases across the country than any other practice, with hundreds of millions of broilers under our care,” says Partner Richard Turner.
“At a time when many farm vets are becoming more remote from their clients, we remain convinced that taking a hands-on approach with regular farm visits is best for bird health and, ultimately, producer profitability.”

Richard Turner

Richard Turner

However, alongside this important local presence is the advantage of dealing with a national practice, with branches from Scotland to Devon, and Yorkshire to Limerick. “All of our vets work closely together to identify disease trends at an early stage, so we can advise clients on potential risks and how to tackle them,” says Mr Turner.

“We are also working proactively to help reduce antibiotic use in poultry flocks without impacting on bird health, using the ABC approach. This involves working closely with our farmers to develop a tailored bacterial control plan, with a full understanding of the husbandry system and predisposing factors to bacterial infection.”

It is this holistic view that has won St David’s Poultry Team international recognition for its part in the Seed Feed and Weed system, which improves poultry gut health through a unique combination of probiotics, short-chain fatty acids and water chlorination.

“Poultry producers are under increasing pressure from retailers to reduce antibiotic usage while still supplying fast-growing, healthy birds on very tight margins,” says Mr Turner.
“By investing in cutting-edge research and delivering solutions to our farmers at a local level, we can help them to adopt a preventative approach to health planning that will reduce vet bills, boost productivity and ultimately benefit their bottom line.”

St davidson poultry team

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