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Solway Recycling Introduce New Hay Savers

Save your hay, time and effort when feeding sheep or horses, inside or out, with the new ‘Hay Savers’ from Solway Recycling of Dumfries.

Solway Recycling new Easy to fill Hay Savers are proven to reduce wastage, are easy to move and clean being manufactured from long lasting, non toxic, recycled farm plastic.

Hay Saver Mini feeder

Hay Saver Mini feeder

The Hay Saver Mini feeder is 610mm in height with a 550mm diameter so holds half a standard hay bale with three feeder holes around the circumference. A double skinned base leaves a 25mm gap for ballast such as gravel to stop the Hay Saver blowing over.

Designed to hold a hay net the Hay Saver is also ideal for offering stock mineral licks and has extra opening reducers available to creep feed lambs.

A much larger Hay Saver Maxi, 1220mm tall by 1150mm round, has also been launched to hold approx six bales of hay. Again supplied with a lid and floor to reduce wastage it has eight feeder openings to suit sheep, goats, horses, ponies and donkeys. Both the mini and maxi Hay Savers feeder openings are 300mm wide by 265mm high.

Founded in 1992 Solway Recycling, Rigghead, Shawhead, Dumfries, DG2 9SH is one of the longest established waste farm plastic recyclers in the world and has won five major awards.

The family farm based business provides low cost plastic waste collection and recycling services to over 40,000 British farmers. The recycled farm plastic is then used to manufacture innovative products for farmers, gardeners, pet and horse owners.

Solway Recycling

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