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Claydon Enhances the Specification of all its Drills

Claydon Drills has enhanced the standard specification of all of its drills, including the new Hybrid T drill with the addition of a four-channel CANBUS/ISOBUS head unit terminal.

Claydon has also announced a new front press option for 6m and 8m versions of its Hybrid T trailed drill. This will further increase the capabilities and versatility of this high-performance drill, which can sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land. The front press option will be popular with large farmers who operate across a wide range of soils, conditions and crops because it means that they can handle any situation with just one drill, significantly reducing their overall capital investment.

Claydon Drill

The Claydon System of crop establishment provides a practical solution to the key problem which farmers currently face, namely a lack of profit margin. Developed and patented by Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon, the Claydon Strip Seeding System is now used in 26 countries across the widest range of climatic conditions and soil types. The complete Claydon System, comprising the Claydon Straw Harrow, Claydon Hybrid Drill and Claydon Rolls, is up to five times faster, one-third the cost and more reliable than a plough-based approach and typically 50% less than the cost of a min-til system. It also significantly improves timeliness, enabling crops to be established at the optimum time, under the best conditions, resulting in significantly higher yields.

Claydon estimate the cost of establishment over 500 hectares using the complete Claydon System at £25,000, compared to min-til costing £56,000 and ploughing at £74,000. The figures are estimates and may vary according to factors such as soil type, settings and the implements used, but farmers can work out how much they could potentially by changing to the Claydon System using the company’s on-line cost-saving calculator on the Claydon website.

To date, Claydon have currently sold in excess of 2000 metres of Claydon drills across all its models, 5000 hybrid tine units, 2600 metres of straw harrows and 21,000 straw harrow tines, providing it with unrivalled experience and expertise in cost-effective crop establishment techniques.

“Crop returns have fallen dramatically but production costs continue to rise, placing margins under severe pressure,” states Spencer Claydon, Commercial Director. “At current price levels many farmers who cling to traditional methods of establishing crops are making a loss, while others are generating too little profit to sustain their operations in the long-term. Ultimately, they will have to adopt a more advanced approach.”


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