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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 5 prime cattle, 10 over thirty month cattle, 5,347 prime hoggs and 4,221 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 15th January 2015.

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 227.5p (221.3p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Young bulls -------p (-------p)

Light to 238.0p (197.6p)
Standard to 272.0p (204.4p)
Medium to 255.0p (202.7p)
Heavy to 226.0p (188.3p)
Shearlings 213.0p (212.7p)

Light to £105.00 (£63.62)
Heavy to £144.00 (£95.75)

Cast Rams to £156.00 (£90.69)

Prime cattle were very very short of requirements with all classes a shade dearer and buyers going home short of requirements.  Top price of 227.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House. 

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin 227.5p Houghton House, 223.5p, 222.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 216.5p Houghton House.

Charolais 217.5p High Stenries.



Charolais £1,283 High Stenries.

Limousin £1,184 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1,160 Houghton House, £1,145 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1,136 Houghton House.

OTMS cattle were a poorer show, selling at higher rates.  Top of 173.5p (£1,023) for a Luing from The Lamperts.


Luing 173.5p The Lamperts.

Limousin 135.5p, 133.5p Broomhouse.

Simmental 113.5p Shaw of Dryfe.

Hereford 111.5p, 105.5p Maidencots.


Luing £1,023 The Lamperts.

Limousin £1,002, £987 Broomhouse.

A larger show of 5,347 prime hoggs forward to a full ring of buyers all keen for sheep again.  All classes of hoggs were dearer on the week with 34-42kilo export hoggs in strong demand and short of requirements.  The sale averaged 199.7p/kg (SQQ 202.8p).  Top price of 272p per kilo for Beltex from West Meiklethwaite and to £121 per head for Beltex from Orchardton Mains.


Beltex 272p, 267p West Meiklethwaite, 263p Waltonwoodhead, 251p Thornthwaite Close, 245p Waltonwoodhead.

Texel 268p Oakwood, 262p Sowerby Wood, 255p Crosscleugh, 249p Compstone End, 246p Netherplace, 244p Little Galla, 243p West Meiklethwaite.

Charollais 249p Torgorm, 210p Maidencots, 207p Butterdales, 206p Newington and Jenkinstown, 205p Broadlea Cottage.

Suffolk 244p Mossburnford, 215p Dunjop, 214p Desoglin, 213p Whinneyknowe, 211p North House.

Hill Cheviot 222p Greenburn, 215p Sundhope and Pingle, 214p Sundhope, 213p Monk Farm, 211p Sundhope, Mainside and Church View.

Cheviot Mule 216p, 200p Dunjop, 194p Sundhope, 189p Granton, 187.5p Sundhope.

North Country Cheviot 215p Hownam Grange, 213p Newton Cottage, 212p Clatequoy, 211p Broadlea Cottage, 203p Adderston Shiels.

Blackface 212p Hallburn, 211p Meggethead, 210p, 209p Syart, 208p Cowburnrigg, Winterhopeburn and Skelfhill.

Greyface 208p Newington, 206p Whinneyknowe, 204p Desoglin and Kingside, 200p Maidencots, Little Galla, Smalmstown and Littlegill, 195p Kirkhill and High Parkfoot.

Badgerface 206.1p Mossband House.

Bleu d’Maine 206p Thornthwaite Close.

Half Bred 203p Adderston Shiels.

Shetland 200p Newington.

Swaledale 187p Westburnhope, 185p Batey Shield, 182p Snowsgreen, 179p Westburnhope, 174p Minsca.

Jacob 186p Ringliggate.

Leicester 182.2p Tinnishall, 179p, 176p Kirkton of Crawford, 170p Barsalloch, 164p Burnside.

Zwartbles 167p Tushielaw.


Texel £121 Orchardton Mains, £110 Compstone End, £108, £104 Netherplace, £104 High Parson Bridge and Aldery Terrace, £102 Kirk House, New Hall, Crosscleugh, Sowerby Wood and Compstone End, £101 Netherplace, Kingside, Broomhills (Marrs), Oswie and Shieldhill.

Beltex £104 West Meiklethwaite, £103 Thornthwaite Close, £100, £98 Waltonwoodhead, £98 West Meiklethwaite, £90 Netherplace.

Suffolk £104 Guardsmill, £100 Butterdales, £99 Wham Head, £98 Sceugh Dyke and Demesne, £96 Guardsmill and Oswie.

Charollais £102 Torgorm, £96 Auchengray, £95 The Chestnuts, £90.50 Maidencots, £89 Riggheads.

Cheviot Mule £99 Orchardton Mains, £93 Potholm, £90 Orchardton Mains, £88.50, £86 Dunjop.

Bleu d’Maine £99 Thornthwaite Close.

Greyface £98 D’Mainholm, £88 New Hall, £85.50 Newtown and Desoglin, £85 Maidencots and Carlieston, £84.50 Whinneyknowe.

North Country Cheviot £94.50 Potholm, £93.50 Kingside, £92 Hownam Grange, £91.50 Potholm, £90 Buchtrig.

Hill Cheviot £94 Wham Head, £90 Potholm and High Stenries, £89 Kirkhouse, £88 Tushielaw, £87 Orchardton Mains.

Blackface £93 Kirkhouse, £90 Yatesfield, £87 Kirkhouse, £86 Smalmstown, £85.50 Yatesfield.

Leicester £86 Kirkton of Crawford, £82 Burnside and Tinnishall, £80 Barsalloch.

Half Bred £75 Adderston Shiels.

Swaledale £75 Minsca, £68 Westburnhope, £66.50 Batey Shield, £62 Snowsgreen, £61 Peasemyres.

Badgerface £68 Mossband House.

Shetland £58 Newington.

Jacob £54 Ringliggate.

Longtown sheep ring

A larger show of 4,221 cast ewes and rams was forward to the usual ring of buyers.  Heavy ewes £12 back on the week and light ewes £6 to £7 back, but still a very strong trade in comparison.

The sale was topped at £156 for a Suffolk ram from Felltop. 


Texel £144 Broomills (Baty), £141 Felltop, £140 Stepend, £138 Blackhamilton, £137 Kingside, £136 Colinton Mains.

Suffolk £130 Riverhill, £125, £124 Stepend, £120 Calf Park and Millriggs, £118 Golden Lane and Colmslie Hill, £115 Felltop.

Charollais £130 Blackhamilton, £119 Copperthorns, £113 Felltop, £106 Copperthorns.

North Country Cheviot £122 Clatequoy, £118 Philiphaugh, £112 Hownam Grange, £108 Kingside, £107 Brae Edge and Marygate.

Cheviot Mule £110 Philiphaugh, £101 Colmslie Hill, £98 High Acres, £94 Felltop, £89 North House.

Leicester £110 Philiphaugh, £104 Colmslie Hill, £97 Thornyhills, £95 Hutlerburn, £92 Stepend.

Beltex £108 Copperthorns, £106 Stepend.

Wensleydale £105 Stepend.

Dorset £103 Bidlake, £102 Blackhamilton.

Greyface £102 Moorhills, £101 Howden, Cowburnrigg and Felltop, £100 Hallmyre and Lightbirks, £99 Grainhead and Demense, £96 Cleughbraemill and Marygate.

Zwartbles £80 Howtel.

Ryeland £80 Trailtrow.


Lleyn £104, £86, £84 Girdstingwood, £81 Riverhill, £75 Oxnam.

Blackface £88 Minsca, £83 Yatesfield, £80 Pitland Hills & Netherplace, £79 Minsca, £78 Auchengibbert.

Hill Cheviot £86 High Acres, £84 Crossdykes and Riverhill, £81 Sowerby Wood, £76 Chapel Farm and Bradley, £75 Sowerby Wood and Chapel House.

Swaledale £76 Snowden Close, £67 Pry Hill, £64 The Ash, £63 Spoutbank, £57 Peasemyres.

Beulah £74, £64, £62 Whitbreads.

Easycare £64 Thornyhills.

Welsh Mountain £57 Bidlake.

Herdwick £55 Orchardton Mains, £46 Farlam Hill, Ashley Park and Orchardton Mains.

Shetland £50 Millriggs and Netherplace, £48 Chapel Farm.


Suffolk £156 Felltop, £144 Demesne, £142 Skelfhill, £125 Hassendean, £114 Colmslie Hill.

Charollais £141 Bradley Farm, £138, £120 Felltop, £115 Riverhill.

Texel £139 Annandale Place and Hownam Grange, £129 Littlegill, £128 Orchardton Mains, £126 Stepend, £122 West Watten.

Leicester £132 Philiphaugh and Hownam Grange, £124 Springwells, £120 Hutlerburn, £114 Softley, £100 Colmslie Hill.

North Country Cheviot £128 Hownam Grange, £126 Bradley Farm, £125 Clatequoy, £105 Orchardton Mains, £94 Skelfhill.

Lleyn £118 Bidlake.

Dorset £117 Bidlake.

Zwartbles £106 Westhills.

Hill Cheviot £106 Crossdykes, £99 Springwells, £94 Potholm, £92 Mainside, £86 Foulshiels and Hownam Grange.

Border Leicester £94 Riverhill.

Beltex £88 Unity, £80 Haithwaite, £70 Copperthorns.

Blackface £84 Softley, £74 Foulshiels and Larriston, £72 Skelfhill, £70 Granton and Auchengibbert.

Wensleydale £82 Bidlake.

Herdwick £70 Ashley Park.

Swaledale £60 Newbiggin.

longtown mart

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