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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 11 prime cattle, 2 over thirty month cattle, 4,256 prime hoggs and 3,487 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 8th January 2015.


Light to -----p (-----p)
Medium to 225.5p (210.1p)
Heavy to 227.5p (224.8p)

Light to -----p (-----p)
Medium to 227.5p (208.8p)
Heavy to -----p (-----p)

Light to 268.0p (194.3p)
Standard to 244.0p (199.4p)
Medium to 244.0p (193.0p)
Heavy to 235.0p (179.9p)

Light to £103.00 (£71.18)
Heavy to £182.00 (£108.67)

Cast Rams £172.00 (£101.21)

Prime cattle very short of requirements with all classes selling well, more cattle needed on a weekly basis to satisfy demand. Top price of 227.5p twice, first for a Limousin bullock sold by D. & E. Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh, then again for a Limousin heifer shown by W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House.

Longtown cattle ring



Limousin 227.5p, 223.5p (x2) Faulding Cleugh, 213.5p Slealands, 202.5p Bleatarn.

Galloway 225.5p Slealands.


Limousin 227.5p, 201.5p Houghton House, 200.5p Bleatarn.

Friesian 205.5p Justicetown.



Limousin £1,558, £1,519, £1,463 Faulding Cleugh, £1,291 Slealands, £1,226 Bleatarn.

Galloway £1,330 Slealands.


Limousin £1,228 Houghton House.

OTMS cattle sold to 149.5p (£964) for a Limousin from Englishtown who also sold an Angus at 109.5p (£788).

A larger show of 4,256 prime hoggs forward to a full ring of buyers all keen for sheep again. Lightweight hoggs and export weight hoggs remained easily cashed, with all other classes sharper on the week. The sale averaged 192p/kg (SQQ 195.5p). Top price of 268p per kilo for Texels from Marygate and to £115 per head for Texels from Huntington.


Texel 268p Cooilingel, 244p West Meikethwaite and Kirk House, 240p Cooilingel and Dinwoodie Green, 239p Chapel House and Laws Hall, 235p Bridgestone.

Beltex 244p Sorbie, 243p Kilnhill, 238p Bridgestone, 235p West Meiklethwaite, 232p Sorbie, 231p High Greenhill.

Hill Cheviot 219p Catslackburn, 208p Curlew, 207p Catslackburn, 206p Mainside and Upper Hindhope, 204p Mainside.

Rouge 213p Dinwoodie Green.

Suffolk 211p Whinneyknowe, 207p, 205p Achamore, 199p High Floweryhirst, 198p Hallburn, 197.7p Outertown.

Lleyn 210p, 200p Over Whitlaw, 197p Catslackburn.

Blackface 208p, 206p Sorbie, 206p Kirkhill and Arnicle, 204p Smalmstown and Arnicle, 202p Hallburn, 200p Gibblaston and Balliemeanoch.

Cheviot Mule 206p, 191p Achamore, 188p Hawthornside, 185p High Stenries.

Charollais 205p Hallburn, 200p Dinley, 195.5p Auchengray, 191.3p Upper Tinwald, 190.7p Chapel House.

Greyface 201p Arnicle, 200p Broomhill House, 199p Arnicle, 195p Cooilingel and Whinneyknowe, 194p Newington and Kirkhill.

Shetland 191p Tushielaw.

Swaledale 179p Cowburnrigg, 178p High Dunashery, 175p Cooilingel, 172p East Unthank.

Half Bred 175p Adderston Shiels.

Jacob 172p Millcourt.

South Down 169p Lowfield House.

Zwartbles 162.8p Bridgestone, 152.2 Burnside.

Woodland 159p Cooilingel.

Oxford 158p Guards.

Easycare 155p Cooilingel.


Texel £115 Huntington, £109 Rascarrel, £108 Kilncroft and Over Whitlaw, £106 Rascarrel, £102 Marygate.

Beltex £108 West Meiklethwaite, £95 Sorbie, £90 High Greenhill and Kilnhill, £87 Low Fauld, £83 Sorbie.

Rouge £100 Dinwoodie Green.

Suffolk £98.50 Demense and Cowburnrigg, £98 Thuster Mains, £95.50 Demesne, £94 Dunjop, £93 Hallburn.

Charollais £94 Chapel House, £88 Upper Tinwald and Dinely, £87 Thornington, £86 Auchengray, £85 Riggheads.

Greyface £87.50 Carlieston, £83 Johnstonebank, £82 Carlieston, £79.50 Arnicle, £79 Common House.

North Country Cheviot £87 High Stenries, £85 Clackmae, £80.50 Whinneyknowe, £80 Adderston Shiels and Broadlea Cottage, £76 Whinneyknowe.

Oxford £84 Guards.

Hill Cheviot £83 Orchardton Mains, £82 Dinley, £79 Orchardton Mains, £78.50 Catslackburn, £77 Upper Hindhope.

Blackface £83 Smalmstown, £79.50 Dunjop, £78 Cathpair, £76 Smalmstown, £75.50 Balliemeanoch.

Cheviot Mule £80 Riggheads, £76.50 Achamore, £76 High Stenries, £75 Achamore and Hawthornside, £73 Rowan Tree Hill.

Half Bred £77 Adderston Shiels.

Swaledale £77 Cowburnrigg, £74 East Unthank, £59.50 Cooilingel.

Lleyn £73 Catslackburn, £65 Over Whitlaw.

South Down £72.50 Lowfield House.

Zwartbles £70 Bridgestone and Burnside.

Leicester £70 Cottage.

Woodland £65 Cooilingel.

Shetland £61 Tushielaw.

Jacob £50 Millcourt.

Easycare £46.50 Cooilingel.

Longtown sheep ring

A larger show of 3,487 cast ewes and rams were forward to a full ring of buyers with the trade for heavy ewes being the dearest seen for many years. More Blackface and Cheviot ewes forward but the sale average was still nearly £100 (£98.90).

The sale was topped at £182 for a Suffolk ewe from Marygate. Blackface ewes to £103 Marygate. Rams to £172 for Leicester from East Unthank.


Suffolk £182 Marygate, £166 Bardnaclaven, £162 Marygate, £150 Kilnford Croft, £148 Rowan Tree Hill and Riverhill.

Texel £178 Marygate, £176 Luce Mains and Bardnaclaven, £174 Cubby Hill, £171 Clyth Mains, £170 Huntington.

Charollais £156 Riverhill, £148 Copperthorns, £132 Stepend.

Leicester £150 Quarry House, £130 Riverhill, £128, £108 Quarry House, Raggetsyke and Deadwater, £106 Maidencots and Clonrae.

Beltex £148 Castlehill, £135 Bridgestone, £128 Maidencots, £100 Castlehill, £99 The Firs.

North Country Cheviot £146 Hawkhill and Bardnaclaven, £137 Old Stirkoke, £114 Kilncroft Croft, £108 Lowlands, £106 Nether Brotherstone.

Cheviot Mule £125 Clackmae, £119 Walton Highrigg, £112 Clackmae.

Greyface £121 Howden, £119 Lower Ardmannoch, £114 Clonrae and Copperthorns, £112 Rowan Tree Hill, £110 Brae Edge, Lower Ardmannoch and Marygate.

Half Bred £108 Stepend, £98 Snowsgreen.

Dorset £108 Brae Edge.

Zwartbles £90, £81 Riverhill.


Blackface £103 Marygate, £102 Quarry House, £101 Netherplace, £94 Quarry House, £90 Netherplace.

Lleyn £100 Netherplace, £83 Guards, £80 Netherplace.

Hill Cheviot £94 Dinley, £92 Nether Stenries, £90 Oakwood Mill, £87 Chapel Farm, £85 Granton.

Swaledale £84 Nirvana, £82 Chapel Farm, £75 Denton Mains, £73 Chapel Farm, £72 Low Leam Farm.

Hebridean £58 Cottage.

Manx £54 Cooilingel.

Jacob £50 Parks Farm.

Shetland £48 Paldegan.

Easycare £48 Cottage.


Leicester £172 East Unthank, £132 Quarry House, £130 Gapshield, £112 Cottage, £100 Rowan Tree Hill.

Texel £158 Waltonwoodhead, £152 Rainy Close, £150 Rascarrel, £148 Waltonwoodhead, £144 Cubbyhill.

Beltex £155 Rowan Tree Hill, £124 Glengolly, £122 Cottage, £102 Maidencots.

Charollais £152 Rowan Tree Hill, £148 Riggheads, £139 Castletown, £136 Golden Lane, £127 Leithen Hall.

Hampshire £142 Golden Lane.

Suffolk £132 Riverhill, £127 Huntington, £126 Waterloo, £120 Falla, £110 Poltalloch.

North Country Cheviot £112 Clackmae, £110 Castlehill, £100 Bardnaclaven, £87 Maidencots.

Dorset £110 Riverhill.

Hill Cheviot £110 Cooms, £108 Hill Crest, £94 Priesthaugh, £93 Sundhope, £91 Oakwood Mill.

Lleyn £108 Palgeden.

Vendeen £90 East Greenridge.

Swaledale £88 Gapshield, £78 High Dunashery, £76 East Greenridge, £75 Cottage, £70 East Unthank.

Roussin £88 Hensol.

Blackface £79 Ronachan, £78 Leithan Hall and Clonrae, £76 Cathpair House.

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