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Overseas Demand Fuels Growth for Pioneering British Agribusiness

Export of its ground-breaking Secure Covers product range into varied agricultural markets around the world is underpinning significant growth for Shropshire-based Thomas and Fontaine Limited (TFL).

The company, which has developed its pioneering silage clamp covers over the last 15 years, is predicting around 40% of its £2.5 million 2014/15 turnover will be from exports, with overall year-on-year growth expected to reach 30%.

Secure Covers clamp covers

Secure Covers clamp covers in use

In addition to its established Secure Covers range, TFL has over the last five years diversified with the development of its Secure Windbreak products and has further innovative applications in the pipeline. Continued demand both at home and abroad for the established and new product lines is forecast to result in a further 20% growth in 2015/16.

“We are consistently growing our market share at home in both the clamp cover and windbreak markets and there remains great potential in the UK,” says TFL managing director Andrew Fontaine. “More recently we have seen an explosion of interest from overseas, with this now being translated into significant sales particularly for Secure Covers. The diversity of use for our product never ceases to amaze us, with our expertise being drawn upon from a 5,000 cow unit in Sumatra to large scale custom applications in California, for example. Where there are feedstuffs to protect or ensile, there is demand for Secure Covers.”

The Secure Covers concept pioneered the idea of a tyre-free, rapid and resilient cover for silage clamps. The concept is now applied not only to all forage crops, but is also applied to straw, baled silage and hay, and has value outside agriculture protecting salt stacks, soil piles and even landfill sites.

Secure Covers

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