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Government must Clarify Position on FiTs for Farmers

Standing up for British farmers and landowners, Hallmark Power has written to the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition calling on them to support Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) after the General Election next year.

With planning approval for wind turbines taking many months to decide, some farmers might be worrying about the continued existence of the FiT (Feed in Tarriff) after the election in May.

Hallmark has written to all three Party leaders on behalf of British farmers, asking them:

  • Will your Party keep the feed-in tariff after the General Election if you are in government?

  • Will you support a minimum rate below which the feed-in tariff will not be cut, eg 13p/kWh?

  • Will you ensure that any changes to national planning policy guidance will not be detrimental to farmers and landowners wishing to secure a stable income through installing renewable energy devices?

Claus Jacobsen, chief executive, Hallmark Power

Claus Jacobsen, chief executive, Hallmark Power

Claus Jacobsen, chief executive, Hallmark Power, said:
“As a nation, we are asking farmers to invest a significant amount of money to support the country’s need to generate renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions, as well as to promote long term financial stability for farming so that they can continue to produce our food.

“I sincerely hope the party leaders agree with me that renewable energy is the best way to achieve Britain’s commitments to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and securing our future energy needs.

“And I hope they will show their support for the British farming community by clarifying policies that will provide farmers with some certainty and help them make investment decisions over the next nine months and beyond.

“At Hallmark we’ve been on the side of farmers for more than 50 years. Through our renewable energy business we’re continuing to offer great customer service and a commitment to be with farmers and landowners for the long term. This campaign is just another example of how we are standing shoulder to shoulder with British farmers, trying to get them the best deal.”


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