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Bellingham Spring Born Suckled Calves Sale

Hexham & Northern Marts held their special annual prize show and sale for spring born suckled calves, traditionally known as the ‘Bellingham’ sale for such cattle.

A great entry of 1026 suckled calves were catalogued, every single consignment of which were presented and a great many were consigned from noted suckler cow herds farmed on the hills of Northumberland, County Durham, Cumbria & The Scottish Borders.

Hexham Mart

Prior to the sale the show was kindly Sponsored by Carrs Billington, Zoetis, John Warren ABP & The Limousin Cattle Society and was expertly judged by renowned stockman and regular purchaser at this sale; James Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, Brampton. One of the best displays of show cattle to be presented in the market this autumn were brought out before the judge and competition was stiff in all individual classes.

Following no fewer than four prize rosettes in the preliminary classes the day belonged to Michael Cousin, The Laws, Whitfield who took not only the Overall Championship and The Michael Walton Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup for his first prize Limousin cross bred heifer but also the Reserve Champion rosette for her sister which stood second in the same class. Both were sleek black young ladies at 6 months of age having been bred from British Blue cross cows with the champion displaying slightly more shape at the rear than her sibling. The two were selected from a strong class of eight heifers and immediately caught the eye of the judge amongst the others.

Dressed to perfection and looking every inch like winners the two were brought separately into the sale ring at 12 noon, the champion setting off from a standing start of £1000 to finally settle, after spirited interest and bidding, at £1550 in favour of Messrs Evans of Ruthin, North Wales. The reserve champion also sold well and was taken home at £1340 by Messrs Lee, Agars Hill and will no doubt be kept as a cow.

Champion suckled calf with James whiteford (judge) and Michael Cousin (vendor)

Champion suckled calf with James whiteford (judge) and Michael Cousin (vendor)

Show results
Best 4 Continental x Steers
1st Burnbank (Limousin)
2nd Cleughfoot (Limousin)

Best Single Limousin x Steer
1st The Laws
2nd Cleughfoot

Best Single Limousin x Heifer
1st The Laws
2nd The Laws

Best Other Continental x Steer
1st The Laws (Charolais x)
2nd New Hummerbeck (Blonde x)

Best Other Continental x Heifer
1st Crow Hall (British Blue x)
2nd New Hummerbeck (Blonde x)

The Laws – M Cousin (Limousin Heifer)

The Laws – M Cousin (Limousin Heifer)

With a number of new customers consigning cattle to this special sale and swelling the entry beyond 1000 head a great crowd of buyers gathered at the ringside including regular faces seen week in, week out at Hexham and many satisfied return purchasers from the same sale last year.

Having seen the benefit of an early Spring and with an abundance of grass throughout the Summer the majority of calves came forward in better condition than 12 months previous. As such trade was buoyant throughout and demand did not dwindle before the conclusion of the sale, some of the dearest beast being sold in the last half hour of selling. Many vendors reported significant increases on the year and trade largely exceeded all expectations.

A number of consignors to this sale opting to utilise hybrid genetics within their suckler herds a fantastic show of quality ended calves were seen and a great number exceeded four figures. These included a Charolais steer at £1180 from The Laws, a Blue bred steer at £1160 and a heifer at £1120 both from Philip Teasdale, Crow Hall and a Limousin steer at £1100 from Eric Armstrong, Harlow Bower.

Known as a day for large consignments of both steers and heifers from spring calving’s it was encouragement indeed for herd masters that such offerings sold well in their entirety and these included the aforementioned Crow Hall Farms that sold 42 Lim, Blue & Charolais calves to average a satisfying £903 per head. Thirty-four calves by Lim and Blue bulls from brothers Richard & Arthur Storrow, Willimoteswick that were registered in sponsors Zoetis ‘Sure Calf’ scheme also had one of the days’ best trades to average £862 whilst Dennis Yeats’ 24 Limmys from Cleughfoot levelled at a nice £846. With a thumping run of 57 mainly Charolais cross calves from Angus cross cows Dave Hall of The Raw, Elsdon saw a rise on the year to net £826 throughout.

Leading prices;
Cattle 10 months and under

Charolais x steers – £1180 The Laws, £1110 Crowhall, £1080 Ridley Farm, £1060 Crowhall & Wydon, £1055 & £1050 The Raw, £1035 Crowhall, £1030 Beacon Rigg, £990 The Laws, £980 Raggetsyke, £950 Crowhall, £940 West Wharmley (x2), £935 The Raw, £930 Raggetsyke & The Raw, £925 West Wharmley & Ridley Farm, £920 West Wharmley, £890 Beacon Rigg, West Wharmley, The Raw, Ridley Farm & Wydon (x2), £880 Ridley Farm, £860 Beacon Rigg & The Raw, £850 The Raw (x2), Wydon & Alnham (x2), £845 Alnham, £840 Wydon, £820 Ridley Farm, £810 Beacon Rigg

Charolais x heifers – £1000 West Wharmley, £920 The Laws, £895 & £870 West Wharmley, £860 The Raw, £845 & £840 West Wharmley, £835 The Raw, £830 The Raw (x2) & Wydon (x2), £825 The Raw & Ridley Farm (x2), £815 The Raw, £800 Raggetsyke & The Raw, £780 The Laws, £775 West Wharmley, £755 Beacon Rigg & West Wharmley

Limousin x steers – £1100 Harlow Bower, £1040 Wydon & Harlow Bower, £1010 Willimoteswick, £1000 Harlow Bower (x3), £990 The Laws, £980 Penpeugh (x2), £960 Burnbank, Cleughfoot, Willimoteswick & Crowhall, £950 Low Huntwell, Cleughfoot & West End, £945 Linacres, £940 Cleughfoot, £935 Nilston Rigg, £930 Bridgeford, £920 Bridgeford & Dene House, £915 Cleughfoot, £910 Harlow Bower & Cleughfoot (x2), £905 Burnbank, £900 Glower Oer Him (x2), Cleughfoot & Crowhall, £895 Dene House, £890 Ouston & Willimoteswick (x2), £885 Hole Farm & Mains Rigg, £880 Low Huntwell, Crowhall, Mains Rigg (x2) & Evistones, £875 Dene House & Harlow Bower, £870 Westburnhope, Crowhall, Evistones & Harlow Bower, £865 The Hole (x2), £860 Hole Farm & Dene House, £855 Nilston Rigg & Lea Hill, £850 Low Huntwell, New Hummerbeck & Cleughfoot, £845 Allensgreen & Lea Hill, £840 Nilston Rigg & Dene House (x3), £830 Nilston Rigg, Dene House & Yatesfield, £825 Mains Rigg, £820 Low Huntwell, New Hummerbeck, Dene House, The Brigg, The Raw & Mains Rigg, £815 Ouston & Dene House810 Linacres, Hole Farm, Nilston Rigg & Penpeugh, £805 Stone Stile & Evistones, £800 Stone Stile, Hole Farm & Toft House, £795 Mains Rigg, £790 Hole Farm & The Brigg

Limousin x heifers – £1550 & £1340 The Laws, £1030 Harlow Bower, £970 Linacres, £940 Westburnhope, £910 Willimoteswick (x2), £900 Westburnhope, £890 Crowhall, £880 Cleughfoot, £870 Westburnhope & New Hummerbeck, £860 Cleughfoot, £855 Westburnhope, £850 Cleughfoot & Willimoteswick, £845 Cleughfoot, £840 Low Huntwell & Dene House, £835 Sanders Close & Willimoteswick, £830 East White Hill & Hole Farm, £810 Westburnhope, Hole Farm & Harlow Bower, £800 Westburnhope, Linacres & Harlow Bower, £790 Cleughfoot & Nilston Rigg, £785East White Hill, Ouston, New Hummerbeck, Dene House & Mains Rigg, £780 Sanders Close, Ouston & Bridgeford

Blonde x steers – £1000 New Hummerbeck (x2)

Blonde x heifers – £890, £835 & £810 New Hummerbeck

British Blue x steers – £1160 & £1050 Crowhall, £1020 Penpeugh, £1005 & £970 Willimoteswick, £940 Crowhall & Penpeugh, £930 & £915 Willimoteswick, £910 Crowhall (x2) & Moss House, £900 & £890 Crowhall, £880 (x3) & £860 Willimoteswick, £855 Crowhall, £850 Raggetsyke, Willimoteswick & Crowhall, £845 Willimoteswick, £830 Willimoteswick, Beacon Rigg & Penpeugh, £815 Willimoteswick & Moss House, £810 Crowhall & Moss House, £800 Quickening Cote (DWW), Willimoteswick & Moss House (x2)

British Blue x heifers – £1120 Crowhall, £1000 & £990 Willimoteswick, £890 Crowhall, £870 Willimoteswick, £810, £800 (x2), £760 & £750 Crowhall

Simmental x steers – £860, £820, £810 (x2) & £800 (x2) Alnham

Angus x steers – £950 & £915 Cottonshope, £910 Ridley Farm, £875 Cottonshope, £850 Yatesfield, £845 The Raw & Ridley Farm, £840 Shilmoor (JC), £820 The Raw, £805 Cottonshope, £800 Ridley Farm, £790 Yatesfield, £780 Cottonshope, £770 Shilmoor (JC), £725 Haining Head

Angus x heifers - £730 Shilmoor (DLW) & Quickening Cote (JWR), £710 Quickening Cote (DWW)

Beef Shorthorn steers - £890, £845, £810, £800, £755 & £750 Yatesfield

Hexham mart

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