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Carlisle Lleyn Rams to 8,000gns

The quality of the Lleyn sheep and the confidence of customers made for a fantastic sale at Carlisle on Thursday 25th September 2014. Buyers had come from far and wide but there was a noticeable crowd from Northern Ireland.

The number of Lleyns forward remained similar to 2013 but averages across all sections were up on the year, noticeable £25 up for both the shearling ewes and ewe lambs.

Top Priced Ram from Hamish Goldie - 8000gns

Top Priced Ram from Hamish Goldie - 8000gns

Shearling ewes set off well from early on in the day. Lionel Organ, Carmarthenshire topped the section when selling his second prize pen for £450/head to Barry Latimer, Co Tyrone. Next was JK Goldie, Dumfies who sold the 3rd prize pen of shearling ewes for £300/head to Ryan Bowie, Crieff. The Goldies continued to sell well when they sold two pens at £280/head to RG Cunningham, County Down and A Ross, Rosshire.

There was a new class this year for individual shearling ewe suitable for ram and show ring breeding. JK Goldie sold the third prize for £300 to J Martland, Ormskirk. L Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen sold the first prize for £280 to D & J Alexander, Ayrshire. D & B Henderson, Stonehaven sold out of the ring the second prize from this section at £400 to J Martland.

In the ewe lambs Lionel Organ was once again topping the section when he sold the second prize pen for £300/head to A McConville, County Down. B Walling, Farmstock Genetics, Selkirk were next to top with the first prize pen at £260/head to Clive Long, Co Tyrone. John Morton, Penrith sold the second prize pen at £240/head also to A McConville.

The commercial females also sold well with very high clearance rates across all the sections. Commercial shearling ewes could be bought for £140 to £175 depending on skins and size. Ewe lambs sold the best seen so far this year with buyers able to pick running lambs up for £80 to £98. Whilst stronger tupping lambs were selling over the £100 mark up to £125.

The excitement continued into the rams. It was Hamish Goldie, Dumfries who topped at 8000gns when selling to G & A Fort, Keighley. Lochar Clansman is bred from a Lluest Wen (E & D Jones) sire out of a JK Goldie ewe. Next to top was P Knowles, Kendal with a Cragg shearling ram. Bred from a B Walling sire he is out of a homebred ewe. At 6000gns he joins the flock of H & M Dugdale & Son, Settle.

Hamish Goldie then sold Lochar Captain for 3800gns to R Johnston, Falkirk. This ram was again bred from another Lluest Wen sire. Also at 3800gns was a Ballylinney shearling ram from DJ Steen, Lockerbie which sold to HL Nelless, Morpeth. This ram is bred from a DN Bennett & Son sire, out of a homebred ewe.


954 Shearling Ewes to £450 av. £179.35 (+£25.63)
1108 Ewe Lambs to £300 av. £106.44 (+£25.43)
111 Rams to 8000gns av £1163.14 (+£70.42)
23 Ewes to £105 av. £86.67 (+£7.78)

Top Prices

Shearling Ewes

L Organ £450

D & B Henderson £400

JK Goldie £300 (x2)

JK Goldie £280

L Jenkinson £280

Ewe Lambs

L Organ £300

B Walling Farmstock Genetics £260

JG Morton £240


H Goldie 8000gns

P Knowles 6000gns

H Goldie 3800gns

D Steen 3800gns

Orchard Lleyn – Goldie 3500gns

JK Goldie 3500gns

E & D Jones 3200gns


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