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Amazone Launch New Cenius TX Mulch Cultivator at Tillage-Live

The new Cenius TX cultivator was shown in 7 metre working width at the recent Cereals event and, at Tillage-Live 2014, the extended range of smaller widths will be launched.

Now available in 4.0m, 5.0m, 6.0m as well as the 7.0m, the 4-stagger lay-out of the new C-Mix tines, with a tine spacing of 28 cm and the frame height of 80 cm, ensures its use in a diverse range of applications and guarantees blockage-free operation. The newly designed drawbar includes, as standard, hydraulic lift which means a comfortable coupling up to the tractor. As an option, a selectable traction assistance system is available which, when activated, additionally transfers part of the machine weight back on to the rear axle of the tractor - with up to 1,500 kg being available at the maximum working depth. This improves the tractive force between the tractor tyres and the ground, thus reducing slippage, saving fuel and increasing work rates.

The Cenius cultivator and Cirrus drill will be seen in work for the first time at Tillage-Live

The Cenius cultivator and Cirrus drill will be seen in work for the first time at Tillage-Live

A mixture of share options means that working quality can be maintained throughout the working depth spectrum.

The rear discs are easily adjusted via two spindles from the outside of the machine and the excellent levelling effect they provide results in a perfect soil profile being left after the following consolidation roller. The double row of pitch-adjustable rear discs are protected against stone damage by their rubber mount fixing.

Depth control is carried out via a mixture of the front support tyres and the rear following roller and is, as standard, hydraulically-adjustable on the move from the tractor seat. In spite of the compact design, the use of twin tyres on the tractor is possible without any problems. The pivoting drawbar and centre transport axle means that the machine is extremely manoeuvrable on the headlands. In work, some of the weight can be carried on the transport wheels in softer ground or, in extremely wet conditions, the rear roller can be removed altogether. There is a choice of rear following rollers to suit differing soil types.

Cayron 200V in the ground for the first time

Following on from the static introduction at LAMMA and Cereals earlier this year, Tillage-Live 2014 offers the opportunity to see the new Cayron plough in the ground.

Although there are two versions available - the Cayron 200, with a stepped furrow width adjustable or the Cayron 200 V which is equipped, as standard, with hydraulic furrow width adjustment - at Tillage-Live will be the Cayron 200 V. A simple hydraulic system provides an easy set-up of the front furrow width, the pulling angle and working width via three interlinked hydraulic rams. Hydraulic adjustment of the front furrow width comes as standard on both models.

The body to body clearance of 100 cm, in combination with a beam height of 83 cm and the smooth surface of the over-dimensioned main beam, guarantees maximum passage. Both models are equipped with a double-action shear bolt protection system against damage.

The headstock is equipped with a sprung, one-piece sprung cross shaft which provides a very good damping function and so clearly reduces the strain on the turnover linkage. The turnover mechanism is designed around a 130 mm diameter hollow shaft and equipped with two equally large, high-quality, robust taper roller bearings.

The plough will feature a body that has been 100 % developed by AMAZONE. One of the characteristics of the C-Blade generation body is the front shin which has been enlarged by 90 %. With increasing ploughing speeds, the wear point is shifted down the mouldboard and this new shin design in front of the mouldboard entirely covers the wear area thus reducing the running costs. In addition, one other detail makes a huge effect; the wing is designed in such a way that the point covers the wing. The welded seam is located safely under the point, thus hampering objects, such as, for example, baler twine from becoming trapped in the welded seams between the wing and point.

During the turning procedure for the Cayron 200 V, initially the plough frame is swivelled out to achieve sufficient ground clearance under all conditions. The position of the plough bodies to the frame remains unchanged. There is no movement in the individual body bearings but just in the strong vertical bearings of the main linkage system.

Cirrus 03 trailed cultivator drill

Tillage-Live gives the chance to see both the Cirrus 3003 Compact and the Cirrus 6003-2 in action in the field. The 3m Compact, as the name suggests, is shorter for better manoeuvrability and offers a 3,000 litre seed hopper whereas the 6003-2 is longer to provide more turning clearance with twin tyres on the tractor. With its bigger tank either 3,600 litres in plain grain format or the 6003-2C comes a 4,000 litre pressurised tank and has the ability to apply fertiliser alongside the seed.

The optional CrushBoard levels and firms ahead of the twin row disc harrow element which provides the cultivation in front of the new Matrix tyres. Adjustable for depth from the tractor seat, the 460mm diameter serrated cultivation discs create the perfect, crumbled seedbed with their aggressive action. The disc bearing hubs, which mirror the well-proven system found on the Catros compact disc harrows and Cenius mulch cultivators, run oil-immersed and are sealed for life.

The bigger 880 mm diameter Matrix tyres are easier running and big cleated to provide more drive and less rolling resistance for reduced horsepower and less diesel usage. The new RoTeC pro coulter has been designed for better seed placement at the higher forward speeds that are now being adopted by farmers.

Seed embedment behind the coulters is provided by the Exact S following harrow or Roller harrow depending on cropping or soil type.

The main cultivation action will be on Plot 7, however, Amazone will also be exhibiting sprayers in the demonstration arena where both the Pantera 4502 self-propelled as well as a UX Super trailed will be in action.


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