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Ensiling Agents from FM BioEnergy Achieve Quality Standard

SILASIL ENERGY and SILASIL ENERGY.XD, two ensiling agents which have been specifically formulated for inoculating biogas substrates, have been awarded a prestigious ‘Quality Label’ by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). This is the first time that such products have received this exceptional standard under new DLG testing guidelines.

Supplied in the UK by FM BioEnergy, the Renewable Energy Division of BOCM PAULS, SILASIL ENERGY and SILASIL ENERGY.XD are manufactured by the company’s partner in this sector, Schaumann BioEnergy, German market leader in biogas optimisation and process efficiency.

Tim Elsome

Tim Elsome, FM BioEnergy’s Business Development Manager

Both products were tested by the DLG’s Ensiling Agent Quality Label Committee in Category 2 (Methane) at the Julius-Kühn Institute in Braunschweig, Rostock University and the Futterkamp Teaching and Experimental Centre. They met all of the specific requirements set out in the DLG’s test procedures for the analysis and statistical evaluation of silage feed value, fermentation quality and aerobic stability.

Special formulations of freeze-dried bacteria which are reconstituted in water and applied to crops through precision applicators, these biogas-specific ensiling agents prevent unnecessary nutrient losses and ensure optimum silage quality. Promoting acetic acid fermentation, they help to protect silage from aerobic spoilage caused by yeasts and moulds whilst increasing its digestibility during the anaerobic process. This maximises the amount of energy which is retained in the silage and subsequently available for biogas production. This is confirmed by independent results which show an increase in methane yield of up to 16% from otherwise-identical maize silages.

“The results of the DLG’s tests reinforce the high quality of SILASIL ENERGY and SILASIL ENERGY.XD,” Tim Elsome, FM BioEnergy’s Business Development Manager, states;
“They are produced by a global leader in this technology and make a significant contribution to efficient methane production by producing more biogas per tonne of material, minimising storage losses and increasing energy efficiency per hectare.”

The UK’s leading specialist in AD nutrition and plant optimisation, FM BioEnergy works closely with its partner, Schaumann BioEnergy, to ensure that best use is made of these valuable resources. Providing a full service to operators of biogas plants at all stages, from development through to construction, commissioning and ongoing operation, the company helps them to gain more control over the process, improve methane yields and maximise return on their investment.


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